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    Downloading the patch twice?

    About 2 hours i downloaded the lates 1.5gb patch, as soon as it finished i got back in game and played for 30 mins. Now, after logging off, getting some lunch ect i logged back on only to find my patcher is now downloading the whole patch again?

    Anyone know whats going on?

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    In their infinite wisdom, the euro and us patch servers are not synced. If you use the us server to download and play then you have to keep using it. if you switch to the euro one you have to re-download the patch.

    ie. you cant download from the euro server and then try to verify via the us server.

    Hope you didn't use the patcher, if you need the patch again there is a torrent floating around and i'll help seed. good luck.

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    Thanks a lot more than likely that's what happened. Working ok now!

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