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    New player looking for a tribe

    Hi, I just started playing today and I just got tired of running around aimlessly. I'm looking for a nice tribe that can help me get started.

    Currently my character is made for hunting, but that can change.

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

    PM sent, check your mail.

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    pm sent, check mail.

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    Hey welcome!
    Send you a PM check your mail ^^

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    Check out Hopi. We're a large tribe with a lot of friendly and helpful members.

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    we always help new players we have been around as a guild for 12yrs , we do not ignore new members , we do not play favorites , we do not treat people like a number like alot of guild may do. or PM me we can talk.

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    Thanks for all the messages. After reading through everyone's tribes, I'm feeling inclined to a neutral stand and as such will join the Audacian Republic (assuming they'll take me ).

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