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    978 -- WTB --- Recipes

    Im looking for weaponcraft and basketry recipes if you have let me know what you would want in exchange for them.

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    I have a level 50 basketry recipe for one of the pieces of Dogwoa(sp?) armor.

    I'm not sure what I would want for it, but I live all the way in zone 781.

    If you want to come that far for it, I'll trade it for any leathercrafting recipe you have that I don't, belt buckles, or I accept steel rivets as currency.

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    That would be Daogwa Assault (level 50)
    I have Daogwa Gatherers (lvl 30) to trade if you need
    Grand Master Basketeer
    Basketry 99
    Leathercraft 80
    Tailoring 79
    Architecture 50

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