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    Where did all the animals go :(

    I was excited today when I read in the updates about animals statistics being modified. I Figured that that was a good enough signal that animals were back on. So when I logged on someone said they had seen some animals but Ive seen nothing all day!

    When will animals be making their comeback?

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    When i logged in game after update there was a deer outside of my camp. I killed it but couldn't skin it
    Then when i seek some flint to set fire, i got attacked by a small bear.
    When i found blade and my other member of camp (we are just 2 guyz) we started seeking an animal for bones. 5 min of doing circles and getting lost we killed a really big (Brown colored) black bear.

    So animals are there. But if you live in a place that is in middle of 10 other camps and lets say 100 players you wont find animals. They tend to stay at wilds.

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    Black bears actually can be brown sometimes in real life. And that is really cool if its true that the animals are avoiding more heavily populated areas. I would imagine its largely because they get killed faster there though.

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    I also heard that animals that survive the day gets bigger and stronger. That can also explain why the animals i saw near lake are smaller then the ones i killed at Squaw zone (Squaw has less people as it is small and rocky).

    Just imagine a bear that no one could found grown for a year. It could run over some camps

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    this dude in my local area chat was whining tirelessly about not being able to find animals....while he was whining my tribe found 2 bear, 2 raccoon, 1 coyote and the noob up the road got attacked by a bear and had no knife to skin/debone.....

    I think the problem is that other mmos have 'mobs' everywhere while this game actually requires you to hunt for them.....I betcha some peoples idea of searching is running over to the treeline and doing a quick pan with their camera and then running back to their totem and whining...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scambammer View Post
    I betcha some peoples idea of searching is running over to the treeline and doing a quick pan with their camera and then running back to their totem and whining...
    I will not bet you.

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    Well I ran across 4 or so zones just looking for animals. My tribe mate really needed bones so I searched quite a ways. Probably spent 3 hrs just looking for them to find nothing... I spent the rest of the day building at my camp but kept an eye out and saw nothing.

    I know not the last time, but the time before last when animals were on(when the servers were super laggy) I found animals EVERYWHERE!!!! I got attacked like 4 time in the hour back then at my own base. But this time I went on a long ass journey and found nothing. That's why I ask Scrambammer... So please... don't jump to conclusions...

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    when hunting was first turned back on, I got attacked by a bear just out side my camp. Killed it, look up the side of the mountain I'm next to and saw another bear heading towards the top. Went after it it and was promptly killed (and no my health was not down from the first). a little latter I went hunting. Went all the way to the green fog. Came back and just over the mountain from my place I found 3 more bears. Haven't seen any animals since. Now the area is full of totems.

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    I looked for and found/killed my first bear today, it was awesome.

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    Killed two deer yesterday and got killed by a bear Saturday - this was all in the mountains.

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