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Thread: need a tribe

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    need a tribe

    hi im looking for a cool tribe to join would like one with voice chat im in zone 821 right now i have a bunch of stuff so will need help moving it all over

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    Hey relix,

    I send you a PM ^^ check your mail

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    Sent you a PM m8

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    we are as cool as it gets ^^

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    It's amazing how everyone is now using Pm's You've got mail.

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    Welcome to our tribe buddy<33

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    check us out we always help new players, we also been around as a guild since 99, we have many players who been in beta since near day 1, so people know what they are doing always willing to help, we also get new players from other games we play.

    Pm me if you wanna chat. or check out our forum, to get access you need to register.

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