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Thread: losing exp ?

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    losing exp ?

    Only me losing exp ??
    im losing exp if im just standing .. eating .. drinking... on siting sleeping

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    I thought i lost some XP as well , But thoght it may have just been my tyred eyes playing tricks on me, I thought i saw it go down a little then up a bit while Terraforming, But maybe I was seing things.

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    Psycosematic....all in the head...sry

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    Are you using the lines in the co-ordinate bar to judge your relative xp? They move According to what co-ordinates are displayed... A better way to do it would be to screenshot and then line them up with some opacity+colour shifts in photoshop

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    I'd actually like xp going down on certain actions, with terraforming and cutting trees the obvious candidates, think about it as a method to enhance the preservation of the Lake Tahoe basin.

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    it was one time bug.. it acctualy was decreased but when i relog to the game i saw my self lvled ))

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