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    Noob weapons and tribe zones.

    I know these 2 subjects may have been talked about before, but I want to weigh my 2 cents.

    Pre order weapons are just ridiculous. I have one and I am also a weapon crafter. I can 2 shot about everyone with my ax and I only have 52 ax skill. Any ax I can make does not compare to the pre release axes. I can just run around naked and kill people all day if I lose so what of I win I get loots. Why would anyone want to trade for an ax when they have the noob ax of death.

    Now about tribe zones. Will there be anything in the future to stop people from attacking another person start to lose the battle and then run back on their land and not be dealt with. IMO if you attack someone that person you attacked should be able to fight you on your land. That is just a goofy griefing tactic. I have seen homesteaders drop a homestead next to a big tribe just to grief because no one can follow them on thier land if the battle goes bad for the lone attacker.

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    Yes, as you say, these subjects have been talked about before.

    Now go find the relevant threads and post in those.

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    My apologies for the rude answer you got from the other poster.

    But he's right, it's difficult to discuss your post because there are two topics in it - and both of them have been extensively discussed before.

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    is lily the local forum nazi?

    big clans exploit their safe zones just as much as homesteads btw.

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    Lily thankyou now I have something for you to clean. You will need a pair of these.

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