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    How are death and ageing treated in-game?

    I have searched the official site and forums and have found no information on these aspects.

    I have a few questions:

    1. I understand that there is an ageing process and characters grow old. Do characters die through ageing? If so, does that mean that players must start a new character from zero?

    2. What happens when a character dies in-game (killed in PvP, or through starvation, or falling off a cliff, or whatever)? Is there a "permanent death" system and you have to start a new character? Or is there some sort of resurrection system (and if so, are there penalties for dying)?

    Thank you.

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    1. There isn't too much information about aging. All we know is that perma death will be optional and will have some benefits. These benefits are not announced. But since 1 real year is 9 years in game, dieing by age will take time

    2. No, if you die in game you keep your character. If you die in PvP the PKer can loot the items you are wearing. If you die for any other reason then you don't lose anything, and there is no death penalty either. This is how it works right now, death penalty (stat/skill loss) is planned, hopefully will be in soon.

    If you die your character respawns at your tribe's totem or at your homestead totem, if you haven't got one then you respawn at the spot where you entered the game.

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