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    questions about reroll

    so if I reroll another toon what happen to my actual stuff ?
    Does it remain ingame and turn to public or is it destroyed since permissions are set to private only?
    Same question about totem does old totem stays in game or not?

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    Everything will remain in game and will open up for public use. Totem stays ingame too but I think it can be picked up by anyone (I'm not sure about this).

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    The totem goes away, the bag is supposed to go to public(occasionaly it goes to private and you cant access it with out dropping a totem), what ever you have on you goes poof also. on every reroll your recipes randomize even if you put in the same stats you might get diffrent recipes.

    Some crafting recipes dont require you to choose that craft to get a bunch of recipes in only the starting tools.

    you almost always get recipes in Architech, Masonry, Woodworking, Weapon crafting, Toolcrafting.

    occasionly with enough rerolls you can get starting recipes in Bone/Leather/Tailor

    I rolled a leather crafter and got tailoring recipes, i also rolled combat toon and choose masonry and got a bunch of bone crafting recipes.
    Haveing really high perception(read 90) helps with more over all recipes.

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