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Thread: nothing to do

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    nothing to do

    nothing to do, the game is empty very few people online you can only build or skilling
    We urgently need new content or the game will die soon.

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    how do you know that?

    Do you know that they are in Prelude phase? Do you know what that is? What do you consider 'content'? This is a sandbox game. Can you elaborate more? As it sounds, so far, it seems you didn't read what the game had to offer or where it intended on going before you jumped in.

    Right now the pool is shallow, it needs water, and its all going according to plan.

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    i want more water this game is dry no pvp no players nothings to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by clangedon View Post
    i want more water this game is dry no pvp no players nothings to do
    There is PvP, but the system needs updated.

    There are plenty of players.

    I find that there is more to do in Xsyon than in most themepark MMOs. Sure, there aren't any quests, raids, or instanced battlegrounds, but if you want those things, you've come to the wrong place.

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    so why do you bitch that things like combat system are just placeholders? You make no sense, but only to come on the forums and bitch and run away prospective players. That is a jackass move anyway you lay it out. So, jackass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Becaues they're charging money to play? Wow. Are you really this stupid?
    I don't get it. You joined the forums in March 2010. You stuck around this entire time. I'm assuming you played at least a little bit of the game during that time. And yet, here you are, warding off people as if Xsyon is cancer.

    Now, you could hate on the "fanboys" if they went around posting lies such as "all the features on the site are in the game," but they aren't. If someone comes here asking about the game, people reply giving their honest opinion. Some people really do like Xsyon and *gasp* some of us are actually having fun playing it in its unfinished state. Either way, I don't see anyone actually spreading lies about Xsyon in an attempt to get people to spend $40. And, more to the point, even if they did it would still be the individual purchaser's responsibility. If they decide to ask for a refund, I say go for it.

    I do have another suggestion for your tribe's name though. How does "Sad as Can," sound?

    And the world keeps on spinning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexTaldren View Post

    I dont understand why your so crabby ILL

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    Because we were straight up lied to. Most features would be in at launch. The whole client/lag debacle. I guess I was expecting more to be in game other than just boring crafting for useless items that have no effect in the game at all, hunting for the animals that aren't there, or the lag fest pvp where you can't attack someone if they run into their little metal shed. I guess I should have expected this from an inde dev, but the fanbois made me believe the game was in good condition when my clan members and myself bought the game.

    Here is some questions: How can a game have more content/features in it when it was in beta compared to the launch? Why aren't we getting updates from Jordi about their next step for the game in terms of content? Why do I get the feeling this game will flop once all the players leave and the fanbois are the only ones left?

    Why is the game owner changing the core game elements when the game is suppost to be launched? Wasn't he part of a dev team for a game giving him experience in rights/wrongs, albiet said game was a total failure?

    The point being is we should not be charged money or have our trial game time used up because Jordi didn't think things through and wants to experiment while his consumer base is paying the price. I seriously am seeing a mass exodues from the game darkfall style after it was released 2 months, but this one with far worse repruccusions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehroth View Post
    Because we were straight up lied to.
    Damn, this developer fucked you hard! That's funny.

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