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    *a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    main office is being temporarily remodeled, please contact management directly

    ((Argentum Vex is a heavy RP group with a focus on trade/business. We have established base of operations near Round Hill. You can contact Jezra or Eusi in game. Look forward to meeting up with you!))

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    Interesting presentation method.

    Is this an existing gaming clan or just now made for Xsyon?

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    The company has been around for quite some time, although we had decided to relocate in the Tahoe basin once when the opportunity first presented itself. Too good of an opportunity, and just the environment many of us have been hoping for. Ya know, fresh air, lakeside property...-chuckles-

    ((AV has been around as a gaming group for many years. While we are not huge, we focus on a great experience for our members. As a group, we were actually primed to head into a couple different games, but decided against them when their promised features that lured us did not materialize. We have been seeking a world to settle in again and meet great new friends, although we still have current members in 3 other games. That said, some are excited to come set up shop in the Tahoe basin. Feel free to read up more about us here, or just join in with us for a drink.))

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    -sets up a table and settles in with a canteen-

    Well, let's get this job fair started. All set to answer any an all questions others might have about the company.

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    Angyll wrote:
    -sets up a table and settles in with a canteen-

    Well, let's get this job fair started. All set to answer any an all questions others might have about the company.
    What's the pension plan like?

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    As the business grows in this new market, we will be able to increase our benefits, including a company town, cheap goods and services. As for a pension, that won't become eligible until an employee has been with us for some time.

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    Just to reinforce a bit of what Angyll said, I have been with AV for quite a bit now and can attest to it being a great organization.

    Anyone looking for a tightly knit, community oriented tribe, feel free to contact us! We are very much looking forward to being a part of the Xsyon community, and working together with it's members.

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    Just to answer a couple of questions I've gotten, am going to steal a couple phrases from our site.

    What will you be doing in game? Many things!

    AV has three departments within the company: Acquisitions (information, rarities, antiquities); Production & Delivery (crafting/transportation); and Security (fighters, muscle). The company supports a wide variety of business endeavors within these departments.

    The company utilizes a wide variety of skills and employs a varied workforce: Cartographers, crafters, merchants, security, caravans, material and information gatherers, shop and inn keepers, and treasure hunters are just an example. The Ajani entertain creativity in acquiring profit.

    Basically, as a group we encourage people to play what they love. Some love to craft, some love to explore (ME!), some love to sit around in town and run a successful business. Our model is meant to incorporate all the many facets of the game within a framework--something to build together.

    We plan to run a business, buying and selling goods, information, hired muscle, etc. Make a name for ourselves. We plan to make agreements and build up the community as a whole. own a town and offer things to do. We welcome heavy RP'ers and newcomers alike.

    From our Mission Statement:

    AV’s Xsyon chapter exists to promote fun, fellowship, and in-depth immersion through the running of a “family-style” business. AV designs to use the full spectrum of economic opportunities within the world to increase in wealth and power. We believe role-play is a natural part of the world; role-play and story arcs will be prevalent as a natural extension of
    living and breathing in the world. While we do not espouse highly scripted, dictated story arcs, we will provide opportunity, interaction, and even mentoring, to help facilitate immersion and personal story development along with the growth of the family business. As life progresses in the Tahoe basin, so shall AV. AV offers a framework in which your character can relate to the world, but how you develop from there is your own work!

    We do not place restrictions on members in terms of abilities, affiliation, or back-story. We ask only that members respect the premise of AV and conduct themselves with honor (as players!), refrain from naming their characters inappropriately, and respect other players.

    Now I know for some people, the idea of deep role-play is a bit unnerving. Basically, when I game I hope to be immersed in the game. That just means I want to explore, delve in, and take part in things of interest in game--not listen to debates about health care reform in 2010. And not deal with drama. -shudders- In AV, we strive to make it a fun game time, advancing each others goals. And having fun.

    Isn't that what gaming is about? Oh, that and total pixel world domination!

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    Sign me up.

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    Re:*a posted notice for Argentum Vex*

    darksideslight wrote:
    Sign me up.
    Looking forward to having you in Xsyon!

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