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    Dead Rabbits - Recruiting!

    We are the Dead Rabbits
    We are recruiting...

    For full recruitment details and a look at our shiney website, please follow our link below:

    Dead Rabbits work together...
    Dead Rabbits fight together...
    Dead Rabbits die together...
    There is only 1 ' i ' in "Dead Rabbits" meaning that MOST of the time.. we work as one! ...

    We are looking for members 18+ years of age with a worthy teamspirit and a good sence of humor!!

    We are peaceful for now, however our intent to begin conquering more and more land is growing over time... Don't be on the losing side, save time and join up today!

    To apply to join the tribe contact TheButcher or NinaAnsol ingame by typing /w NAMEHERE ... Alternatively visit our forum via our website link above and complete an application form, we will get back to you VERY fast i assure you! Coz we're cool like that

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    Hop onboard!

    Recruitment continues, we have gained a nice amount of members but are still accepting more for the moment

    Over 18's only please, mature personality preferred... We don't want another "Knetten" incident... Teens in tears, quite embarrasing to watch general chat lol

    Added after 20 Hours 58 minutes:

    For detailed tribal information to sooth your interest, please visit the link below:

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    Well, not sure whats going on with this tribe, but TheButcher just removed me and Kaputtmachaa from the tribe and killed us.. so i'd advise people to stay away

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