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Thread: PvP Zone

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    PvP Zone

    This post is for players who are looking for the most out of Xsyons free loot Pvp System. I think it is on us as a community to have a zone for those of us who want to pvp. Currently i search the map and can't find anyone to pvp. I know the current combat system doesn't really make pvp desirable at the moment, but it would help if those of us who wanted to pvp could do it in one zone.

    Another idea I had would be if this got popular enough they would change the rules of pvp in our zone. Meaning our homesteads would not be a safe area. One zone for the pvpers to do what we want in. I think this would be simple for the Xsyon team to do and would allow us pvp freedom without disturbing the girl scouts who want to sell cookies to one another. Maybe we could even have one of the new zones that's being added to the map, that way it would not disturb anyone who doesn't want their zone converted to a pvp zone.

    Other ideas would be once warring starts all the tribes/homesteads in the pvp zone would agree to stay warred with each other.

    I would have no problem at all packing up shop and moving to a new zone. Currently there is nothing else to do in xsyon at the moment so I wouldn't have a problem building a new sand castle.

    Please tell me your thoughts, if you agree or disagree that would be great. If you do not like pvp, please don't post anything.

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    Its Simple if you want PvP, run into there territory and lure em out, sure it often ends up 3v1 or 4v1 often, but that actually makes it easier with the melee button mashers ^^. And no PVP zone, as such, i think there should be resources that are in dangerous areas (ZOMBIES!) thus creating a PVP zone in a sense, as to get the best stuff u will need to go there,and make it a Totem free area. That would be better.

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    go put a totem down on top of a KOS tribe, you'll get pvp every day.

    However, they have already stated there will be areas of the map that only warring tribes can conquer.

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    My idea is basically to expedite the war system; make it so tribes can choose to be warring or peaceful right now -- warring tribes will not be invulnerable in their tribe safezones (thus it wouldn't be a safezone), BUT, they could kill other warring tribes in their own land because it would go both ways. That way all the warring tribes can raid each other's places as much as they want, while the non-pvp focused tribes will still have their safezones, BUT at the disadvantage that these peaceful tribes COULD NOT attack a warring tribe in their safe zone.

    Just to make sure my idea is clear:

    Warring Tribes Can be killed in their own tribe area ------ Can kill other warring tribesin their tribe areas, but not peaceful tribes in their tribeland
    Peaceful tribes cannot kill warring or peaceful tribes in their respective homelands, -------- cannot be killed in their own tribeland

    So basically being peaceful has both a benefit and a disadvantage, and being a war tribe has both a benefit and a disadvantage.

    edit; im not sure how close this is to the original war idea. I never read the full description of it. I just thought of this on my own as something that seems REALLY simple to me and i think most pvp clans would like it alot. I really dont know why this isn't how it is already.

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    Incentivize bringing down of safezones with a crafter bonus. Bring the carebears into the fold. The only thing these ideas are missing is GATES.

    Also, in the current ruleset, crafters can craft, pvpers cannot pvp. This shuts out a portion of the population. In a ruleset like Colonels, both groups can do their thing. I mean, who doesnt have walls by now?

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    How about we make it so that peaceful tribes can't trade with warring tribes or they automatically lose their magic shield?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dontaze_Mebro View Post
    How about we make it so that peaceful tribes can't trade with warring tribes or they automatically lose their magic shield?
    Can't have that with tribes because tribes don't trade, characters do.

    But I'll be pretty happy when you suggest that blue players trading with reds turn red themselves. Would help a little bit with some of these PK-er tribes that use their second accounts for the trading part of the game.

    I'm aware that it only helps a little bit, obviously there are still ways to hand items to a red without actually using the trade mechanic.

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    Here's an idea, code some gates and implement proper fortifications (structures that can't be glitched through) & a decent combat mechanic.

    I'd rather the core of the matter be resolved. There's plenty of pvp to be had, just step out of your safe zone every now and then.

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