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    where did all the players go?

    i have run to zone 1011 from zone 698 i have found only 4 ppl this is very sad

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    Perhaps they were hiding from you :P There are always people online in my zone, heard 5 of them right now. And there are more who just don't talk on zone chat.

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    I've seen 5 players in 2 zones... a very quiet zone i might add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clangedon View Post
    i have run to zone 1011 from zone 698 i have found only 4 ppl this is very sad
    As far as I know the zone 1011 doesn't exist. Small wonder you found no people in a non-existant zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larsa View Post
    As far as I know the zone 1011 doesn't exist. Small wonder you found no people in a non-existant zone.
    It exist, you just can't see past your nose because of the toxic green fog. I steped far enough into the fog that your screen is totally green. Can't see anything other then game windows. Didn't stay long enough to see if my char took damage

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    Of the 35 friends of mine who bought this game, I think only 3 are even bothering to log in anymore. If that's a litmus test for activity in a broad sense, I think people have just realized there's basically nothing to do in the game. It's essentially a very early beta with no content, and even then most of the stuff doesn't work, there's long server outages, tons of lag, and broken mechanics that make PvP impossible.

    I think the better question is: "Why did you even log in to go look for people?" It's not like you can do anything with them once you find them.

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    Of the 6 in our group that got the preorder, I know 3 canceled right after the first failed start. One reactivated his Eve account and likely canceled Xyson and #5 I haven't seen since the that failed start.

    I talked to one of them yesterday and he said the rampid pvp system is part of what drove him away.

    So between our two groups, that's only 4 out of 42? And I'm loosing interest quickly also. Tried to go out looking for some animals last night and where jumped by 4 thinking they need to protect their little jump piles or some stupid thing. Like I'm going to lug their junk across zones when my land is right on the edge of a good sized pile and there are several more right around.

    Wurm has 2 servers, wild and freedom. wild basicly follows the same rules as xyson, you can kill anyone anytime, even kill on their deed if you can take out their guards first. You can drain the token (totem) to disband the deed which cost real money to buy the in game money for the token. Freedom is no pvp. Guess which server is over crowded.

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    @vorg Which server is over crowded???

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    There are a lot of negative people on these forums. I am not sure why either. The game isn't finished, it's in development. None of that is hidden from you, the devs are honest. They said the pvp system is filler, what else would you like them to do beisedes finish it RIGHT NOW, which while I'm sure they would love to, is impossible. It has to be done as it is being done and can't be done faster than that.

    In Darkfall people have the same complaints, but that is because the devs wont tell us what thier intentions are or give any kind of timeline at all. I can see why those people are upset. But here? The devs said prelude will have safezones and pvp is just a filler until the end, which will be 6 months or more. They have said they intend to have a M&B like combat system, will have bows and arrows eventually, and maybe even magic.

    I find it so strange to see people post 'dis sux, ders no pvp' and when you say 'okay but they intend to fix that while wrapping up prelude, so whats wrong?' and they still answer, 'well ders no pvp and safe zones sux.'

    Not to mention that they are balancing the lag issues which sets them back a bit. They are being honest and transparent. They are posting updates almost daily. All I can say is there are like 5 guys on the forums that are the biggest crybabies I've ever heard from. You act like the devs made up this game just to get you to buy it so they could stare and laugh at you while you get frustrated that you can't have your game RIGHT NOW. Go play frisbee or something. Relax.

    And as for the people that have quit so far, thats just what happens in indi mmos, especially when you tell them how amazing the game is without mentioning that the dev team is tiny, the game isn't finished, pvp is just a filler, etc etc. If you hype it up and it's not finished they will laugh and leave, especially those instant gratification wow kids. Grow up.

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    launch failed most left, if the game can recover I have no idea. But with all the macro going on I don't see how.

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