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    A large part of this game relies on salvaging and svaenging to source materials, however once those materials are used, there is no way to recover them.

    example is a branch barricade, when you remove it, you gain no materials back. and tents . supposedly mobile dwellings, also are totally destroyed.

    It would be good to see this linked to either scavenger skill, or a new skill, with a base 20% recovery on materials, and a cap of around 80%. some structurs that should be portable, would be transferred to backpack intact (or to the salvage carry location)

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    agree on the recycle idea, especially since we need to grind skills up and sapposedly they will be decaying. Now how to go about doing that is another story =)

    EDIT: One idea I had for this, because I actually put a little bit of thought into it, was when we drop items they don't appear on the ground, they just delete. I was thinking as we drop junk we are crafting it should make junk piles if nothing else, no?
    We also need a way to grow trees in the future, resources should be renewable like in real life to a degree =).
    As far as animals go spawning breaks the true to life feel of the game, however, making a coyote den or racoon dens can go with the story they have babies and can "spawn" from the den holes, making them renewable and still true to life.
    The ideas for this can be endless and all work but it does take time to program, at least it gives the devs some ideas on how to handle the problem that will arise and force tribes to move if we don't have some kind of way to renew things.

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    +1 for recycling idea! Is realistic way, it's vital to recycle things!

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    fyi the junk piles thing is on the WIP list of features, how ever i do agree with recycling i think we should be able to salvage some parts of the resources used in the creation in the item how ever i feel the variation of materials used to make the item are what cause the issue with recycling.

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    +1 Here. Very much agreed, especially as new things are incorporated and rebuilding has to be done!

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