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    Super size high acruacy Xsyon map.

    Made this yesterday and is generosly hosted by and

    Its a map using the map data files from the game , extracted, puzzles together and zones add.
    (bit bigger then we can access currently)
    its resolution is nearly 10.000 by 10.000

    the light web version can be found at and

    the 70mb size PNG version can be download here :

    both are the same in size but the png has a better zoom rate whiteout quality loss.

    this is the same png file but incl The Photoshop ZOOM utility, its kind of like Google maps but just for this file and off line, ( can ofc also upload it to your web page and use the map-done.html code ) See below

    MAP ( PNG 66mb and JPG 10mb )

    Zoom version

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    Nice, thanks Sparrow

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    Yes nicely done TY. I like that you can see the water better on this one.

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    Nice, first time seeing the game map, nice to know where my little homestead is situated. The world is definetly bigger than I though, I need to go exploring. Thanks for this!

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    Great work, many thanks!

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    exellent work by sparrow, he has done great service to xsyon.

    I added the link to 70mb as well on site , i have missed that one stupid me.

    cheers again

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    This is exceedingly cool

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