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Thread: The Fortress

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    The Fortress

    This is our work so far

    First hours - Lay the foundations and mark out land space and plan for work to start.

    Day 1-2 - We cleaned out the junk piles and planned for the Fortress.

    Day 3 - We started the work on our outer walls.

    Day 4 - Work continues on our walls.

    Day 5 - Still working on our walls clear another junk pile to create room.

    Day 6 - Work on the south wall and linking it round to the west wall.

    Day 7 - Gate house designed and put in place leveling of floors and building of bricks.

    We currently are now waiting to level land clear junk piles and fill in walls with bricks.

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    That's clearly well planned, good job!

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    great work !!!! I love how you used the dirt to make giant post

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    Thanks still needs a lot of work but thats all part of the fun, and this wont be our last project we just need more members for the next.

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    how you get the stone walls inside the metal fences ?

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    Good job, Id'love to see it once its done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbowsin View Post
    We have better.

    Also this is our small Band of men if we had more we could do more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pong_Lenis View Post

    Also this is our small Band of men if we had more we could do more
    Apache's place isn't better, no worries. We passed by your fortress yesterday though and it does look nice. Good work.

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