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    My list of suggestions

    My English are bad - so if you not ready for broken words - dont read this.
    I made thread "why this game fail" - there I named what bad in game NOW.
    I dont be someone who only say - bad-all bad-we all cursed.
    This is why I made my suggestion thread.

    So firstly I want say - there is many good ideas on forum and good futured list - so if I name something belong to other - I give my excuse.

    1. Game Apocalipsys oriented. So we need lore about how it was. As example take fallout series as game, Stalker as whole (games, books and it original - Roadside Picnic), Metro 2033 and same - where you get involved to past of new world. We need not only scrap lands. We need ruined buildings, we need some saved guarded terriories from past. We need anomalies, radiation and so on. Or if Apocalipsys was by biological reason - lore to this - and why nothing left.
    2. Craft.
    a) made most craft needed some sort of building tools (for cooking owen, for tailoring loom and so on. Save some part of crafting ably to do in any place and some need station tools.
    b) add to craft minigames system craft. It many office minigames (from tetris to find things) - I can think on anycraft but dont want spend time if for developers it not needed.
    c) made gathering skills too manygames but more simple and not involve to ability to free doing something else (pvp, hunting, runing from this land) in any second of this minigames.
    d) made archi useable to enter, decorate and so on buildings.
    e) add some decorotive craft skills (as exept tribe flag or cloak whith the emblem of a clan, carpents, or dummy of hunted animals or monsters or zombies)
    f) made craft skills that allow salvage not needed items (now hundreds and thousands of items are just droping while crafting) - it good to made minigame to get something value from it but not high amount.
    g) made mining, farming, tree grown, animal taiming and breeding (as example look to Haven and Hearth MMO project).
    3. PVP - you must take in from Mount and Blade as soon as possible - trust me - if you do it - your have main playerbase for all other adds to game and time for it whithout some rage as my was.
    4. Made normal fights when you firstly get opponent unconcusion (not killed) and allow to get staff from main inventory only + weapon and gank it to get another staff. This is friendly fire game - so in future it be big problem - instant kill.
    5. Alligment system need hot involve on game process - now if clan good - and he killed everyone - he anyway be good. It not right. Killer must be evil. Killer of killers must be evil law, hunter is chaotic neutral and so on. Any action in game must involve to devertisity alligment system. And your aligment must involve what you can do and how other people can and be react on you.
    6. Add to game disease and proffecion of doctor - it need good amount of INT and many tools high quality, hot water making, alcohol for desinfection and so on. It must be in little numbers and for get it you need some many investement research, practice, you need get desease to yourself to get immunitet and so on. For all deseases take some time to be cured, progression, ability to cured with time. This is such world whith insanitary. Random of it chance to get and get higher chances when doing something (for example if you spend many times on scrap lands whith low water fillfull - you get high chances to get ill).
    7. Animals - I know this is invole to performance - but it need be numerouse.
    а) rats, hairs, squarell and so on - must be numerouse and commone but have big speed and you can be hunted in stealth or whith speed runnung or using some domesticated dogs.
    b) solipeds and artiodactyles must be in wild herds and to hunt them you need parties and some can be tamed to domesticate but need some time to start like you (dont know how name this). Herds must have calfs and if you destroying whole herds it not long be in this region (only if miggrating or be moved from other region).
    c) birds are good but I dont think they need now and in nearest future.
    d) take wildlife from America now it not only Bears, raccone and cayote. Add this most and made for them behavior - most animals in real life escape from peoples firstly - so hunting be not mass killing - it be really hunt.
    e) made tracking animals skill - it allow you see it steps (higher on snow and lower in another. Made them ably to destroing grass, broke little trees.
    8. Fishing. I name already this in some threads before - but I want say again about it. For catching you need minigame. spot of fishes must moved in water in time (every 1-4 minutes), I recomended take system of fishing from online project Atom Fishing.
    9. Dont made carts and such thing in game in nearest future before game get 1200km2 of land. Or all forest gone for 1-2 days.
    10. Made growing trees and farming. As example look to H&H projects. And it need some real time to rising. It be splendid if in Xsyon be cultivated fields.
    11. Made conquest system. Territories must be have lords (not only buildings). Lord of such lands (not just square land) must have their rules to live, some taxes and so on. But all this must taked controled ingame - for taxes must be taxcollectors - it need go to points meet whith mans and take taxes and then bring it to lord of this land. Some can delive their taxes byself. Made land different unique resourses only. Some are good commone, some are only can be farmed, some are forests, some mining factory and so on. Mountains must be used to build mines (but not 1 buildings - it big hole in rock whith infrastructure for working, some candles for made light (there must be very dark and this dark must be ingame and cant be removed just setting brightness of minitor to maximum). In big lands must be capitals. Lands conquared by taking to you little parts of it (some parts land system) and get small viliges to your controll. So it need many time, resources, war machine and many many many battles. There must some time before you can conquare - but you can freely enter (if you can) to killing, destoying or sometihnh else. If you step to somethings land - you must temporarly loose some stats ponts and skills points while you going deeper and deeper to owned land. For saving you from this - you must go to Lord of land and meke peacemant agreemant or pass rights (using payment system). If you chaotic character influence lower then if you order aligment character. And so on.
    This is for start from me. I now tired and dont want contine - if some like my suggestions and have good points to disscuss - I contine. If for most is trush - I dont wright there anymore.

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    Lol its not the problem in making more content. Its not enough programmers and stuff.

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    Then why it is my problem? I dont get now nothing good from products that I buy. If they havent so many programmers - why release? if they dont have time to add content - why they made MMO? not singleplayer product? They want mechanism to get money every month from thousands of gamers. So this is just a greed, stupides or ignoring expiriense of dozen other failed MMO projects? Beta-ready release it ALWAYS fail release.

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    Your post is a bit hard to read. I suggest to make every numbered suggestion a new paragraph, that could help.

    I like what you suggested, good ideas. I didn't understand a part of no 11. though, it wasn't clear for me that what you want with capitals and villages.

    All the stuffs suggested would be nice to have in game, many of them are in the works already, some of them planned. My guesstimation is that it would take like 2 years to code all of them. I'm willing to wait, I hope you are too. If not, check back after a year or so and see if the game got any better for you.

    Its not very realistic to expect new content patches 12 days after launch. They are working on lag and stability issues now, thats the highest priority.

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    I thinking about 11 part and this is my short structural suggestion of conquest system
    1. All lands are virtually divided on little areas whith not liner borders. In first time they bolonge to no one and any can freely travel throu it and can take it to his control.
    2. To conquare land you must spend some Tribes points (collected from Quest tribes systems, trading, buying from another clan and others). And you must build some conquare temporarly buildings. And you have about (as example only) 6 hours to defend this structrure. If someone want destroy it - he need firstly remove any from this clan from this land and only after that he can damage building. After 6 hours land become belonge to your tribe. And now it is first land of your kingdom and you only can expand by conqare another little zones only closest near your land.
    3. Kingdom land dont mean to your tribe territory. It mean all who live there must be whith some friendly communication to you (ally, renters, mercenaries, passlander, traders, diplomats). Different role is mean different pay system and different temporarly debuff stats and skill system.
    4. Temporarly debuff and skill system - when someone not whith right to go throw your lands enter to your land - he get temporarly debuff system to his skills and stats (more debaff to center if kingdom has capitals and lesser to borders). Chaotic aligment get lesser debuff then order aligment player.
    5. You can be renter some lands of kingdom. You can live there. You dont recieve debuff. You must pay tax to Lord of this Kingdom (if he want set a tax) or he can get somethinh valueable (wood, crafted items and so on). You can be ally of kingdom and get free pass whithout paying. You can be trader rank - you can buy from Kingdom rank to trade on this land - and get bonus to speed travelling on road of this kingdom (not much but little faster). You can be diplomate rank in your tribe and you can freely enter any land - but if you attack someone first (first hit) on someones kingdom land you loose debuff immunity for 24 hours. And if Lord of Kingdom made you guilty of aggressive action - you tribe lost Tribe points (some numbers) and you lost status inside your tribe to be diplomate next week (real life). Mercenaries get immune if they get this status from Lord of Kingdom and killing enemy of this Kingdom on its lands. Killing anyone who have immunity to this land made mercenary lost this status and cant be named such way in a day.
    5. Lord of Kingdom must set his Kingdom (many option, influence and others others). It may be different political systems in lands of different tribes. But default must be something like feodalism.
    6. In Kingdom whith minimum (as example 10 km2) lands you can build your Capital. It can be conquerd before all your land be taking under control your enemys. But it can be damaged and maybe razed (but for cost destroying town must be in times more expensive then build it).
    7. After you loose your Kingdom your tribe stand savage tribe and get temporarly (let say about 10 days) are immune to enter any land. But I think it intresting if some Kingdoms can build some really expensive buildings that destroy this immunity when savage tribe enter his lands.
    8. Road system of Kingdom must have different (advantage) roads that give little faster speed when you using it then normal roads.
    9. To conquare small lands belonge to someone Kingdom - you firstly must send a diplomat whith war act (buying too for Tribe points). This Diplomate have immunity after declaration (I say about kingdom debuff system). But if he attack someone first - he lost this status. If Diplomate been killing someon belonge to this kingdom (exept trader) - Kingdom automaticaly lost one small land zone to this enemy tribe (but both tribes dont know what part they lost - they must investigate this by entering in this zone - only after they get info about it.

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