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    Safe Zones: Here To Stay, Beyond Prelude

    "Regarding the future of safe zones and conquest as brought about by the discussion of War and Peace servers:

    What I imagine is:
    - Tribes choosing to become warring on non-warring, not as an on / off switch but as a permanent or difficult to reverse decision, likely based on tribal actions.
    - Warring tribes would be able to conquer and raid others, but they will also become susceptible to war. Non warring tribes would keep their area safe, but donít gain the ability to raid or conquer other tribes.
    - Both warring and non-warring tribes could claim resources that would be up for contest by both types of tribes.
    - Some expansion zones being open to more conquest without safe zones, while in others tribes would retain the choice to war or not." -Xsyon

    The misconception on dropping safe zones after Prelude came from here:

    2) The game will start with two game servers: War and Peace.

    "The War server will have safe zones removed during the Prelude. The plan is to evolve this server to focus more on tribal warfare and conquest as quickly as possible.

    The Peace server will retain its safe zones with tribes having the options to engage in tribal warfare or allow PvP on tribal lands. This server will evolve more for the crafting and building community." Xsyon

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