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    My alternative for safe zone

    It is possible to have Two different zone on each totem.

    The 1st one could be like the actual safe zone but with a small radius. It could evolved but just a little bit. for exemple, Safe zone radius :
    1 to 4 members =>4m+1m/members
    5 to 9 members =>8m+0.5m/members
    10+ members =>12,5m+0,25m/members (Max 20m)
    It's keep at minimal necessery to not being spawn kill and be able to secure some stuff

    The 2nd zone could be a "territory" zone. This zone has the same propreties of the safe zone except the invicibility. It have to be bigger than the safe zone, like this :
    1 to 4 members =>20m+2m/members
    5 to 9 members =>28m+1,5m/members
    10+ members =>33,5+1m/members
    This no-safe territory have to be keep safe by walls and gates (which can be open and closed. To be quicker, non-animated gate can be enough.) Foes and allies should have a tag on them/head/name to be able to recognise them.

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