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    *tumbleweed rolls by* Dang these forums are slow!

    I swear the same posts I read like 3 weeks ago are still on page 1 O.O

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    I was thinking the same thing.

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    better to keep it all in related threads rather than reposting the same trash over and over. go go forum mods!

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    That's because we're able to play now. Well, except right now, I seem to not be able to get back in game at the moment.

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    Feel free to bring up a new topic Maybe something along the lines of hmmmm...

    Woodworker Recipe Needs
    Woodworkers deserve a new recipe, maybe for a special display cabinet that shows off a player's pant collection?

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    Hm, glassmaking would be nice. But then, I should have put that in the suggestion forum. Anyway, you'll need it for your pants display cabinet!

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    Ahhh how could I forget glass, good idea.

    Or hmmm, this one intrigues me - give masons a new recipe - brick wall fasteners - allow players to hang pants on walls. Actually, I really like that idea - decorate your fort walls with your pant collection, bear heads, etc.

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    I would have thought your not seeing an active forums becuase there is not an active playerbase anymore... seems like people did get burnt out and leave.

    I guess they gave ample warning.

    I've been in game looking for people and all I see is land.

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