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    New in the world, LF for home :)

    I started playing yesterday and I discovered how huge is this world... And I think we can get further with helping each other.

    I played many mmos but that one is pretty special and I like it

    Let me know if you are looking for a new member.

    My name in game is Luffy

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    PM sent, check your mail.
    In game: Periwinkle


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    Check out Hopi (

    We are a good-aligned tribe focused on crafting, civilization/community building, and anti-Evil PvP. We have roughly 90 members that span all timezones so there is almost always someone online and playing. While the number of members may seem intimidating, it really brings a sense of community to our tribe. We are full of helpful and friendly members and specialize in teaching people about the game. We also have a Ventrilo server for our members to use to help make asking questions easier.

    Welcome to Xsyon!

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    PM sent, check mail.

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    Have a look at New Eden. We're a primarily crafting tribe that's pretty active.
    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

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    if you are still looking, check out Forsaken at

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    The casino tribe is recruiting. It's an active tribe, good alignement and has lot of allies. Tradeing and Crafting is our pace
    Check our site

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    Join Pandemic, Simply because were better than all these other tribes. I dont sugar coat things.

    Evil Weebl - Member of Pandemic
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    .... Enough Said!!!
    Be A Man Join Today.

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    I invite you to belong to "The Trading Outpost" We are growing rapidly, there are no slaves here, you can build your house, and everything belongs to everybody, and we all work for everyone, if you're interested, we are in the area 938. Attached to the coast.

    My name in game is "Patako" Whispeame me or:


    A greeting and I hope you join.

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