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    downloading 1.5gb patch every time i try to log in

    i have to donwload another 1.5gb patch every time i want to log in since a few days know.
    i downloaded all of it for 3 times already and i can play after it but it just keeps downloading...

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    It has to do with the eu and the us servers not being synced. If you patch from the US server, you have to play on it. If you patch from the EU server, you have to play on that one.

    If you patch EU and play US you will have to re-download a new patch. Once that starts you can cancel and go back to EU to play but chances are you'll have to re-download the EU or hopefully just reinstall the .rar or torrent file you downloaded.

    It's a known thing but it isn't considered a bug.

    hope you see this before you quit the game!

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    when did we get 2 servers ?

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    We don't have two servers, only two patch servers.

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    yeah that was my point..

    "If you patch from the US server, you have to play on it. If you patch from the EU server, you have to play on that one."

    exactly, we have one server, he has some placeholder stuff going on here somehow with a future idea of another server, and yet its not cleanly setup for the ONE server we all play on. If that was not the case then the patch server wherever you grab the patch from would not matter, as the file/version checking for your clients should all be identicle, its obviously not somewhere.

    Just more to go wrong.

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    right, ok. so if you patch through eu you have to authorize through eu. fixed.

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    yes but why.... its not like it needs it..

    maybe this could happen to some folk...

    1) guy logs in ( its slow enough anyhow and analyzing )

    2) gets called by the misses/kid etc ( you think its ok to let it log in )

    3) you return to find its downloading and mid updating back and forth filee

    4) you rave like a mad man ( or woman ) and quit out to log into the right place it seems instead.

    5) due to semi installing/updates it says piss off lets carry on downloading now and installing to fix your mistake ( my mistake of course not the games )

    6) scream blue murder.

    moral here : "get the fracking basics of connecting to a server patch or game correct first time"

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