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    Unhappy Features/New things to do? Please Jordi!

    Hey hey!

    Sorry to interupted with this now, but just a question. In my Opinion the game runes smoth at the moment. Yes there are still small glitches and yes there are some times crashes, on purpose or not, who knows.

    Yes there are still very FEW and small lag spikes, maybe 1 or max 2 a day, i know other ppl in the game that has no spikes.

    Well sure there could be done more smooth bug fixes, every game could have bugfixes until the end of days.
    But Honestly.... :/
    We got release, and yes we got some more playtime for free because of the long waiting time, but pplllleeeease!
    Xsyyyyyoooooon / Jordi!
    For the love of god, beginn to implemting more features. People are allready leaving or stop playing because they dont wanna play anymore. Some tribes are allready done with there building (well not ours ^^) and some are allready beginn to run around killing people with there pre order weapons in 2 strikes because there isnt mutch to do anymore.

    More and more people get bored. I know that the directX calculations and the improvement of the performance is important to you and others. But there will be always come up errors each impovement you bring in.

    Honestly i am allready at a point where i would say , screw the bugs, just bring in features first even the server gets a little bit more unstable, and then fix it one by one.

    Even the Crafting based "Item Levels" and "Tooltips" allready dissepeared for some reasons, i dont know why...but give us somethin to do while you make bugfixes, this game is great but i really fear that many many ppl will get bored before it really go on.

    Even new Areas will not improve the actuall situations if there is nothin to do for the people.

    Well, thats just all what i wanted to say. I like this game really. There is so mutch potentiel. But i get the feeling you devolopers involves you to mutch at the moment with "bring the code to peak efficency" instead of "get the game features into the game"

    We need somethin to play about

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    I often hear people crying about lack of content in Xsyon, but you have to remember, Xsyon is a sandbox game, and just like a sandbox inreal life, you have to create your own entertainment.
    A perfect example of this, would be EVE online's Hulkaggeddon. A Massive Player Run Event, with prize's and other crap. If you want more content, how about asking the community to make it, opposed
    to harassing the developers. Sand Castle Competition anyone? Competion to see who can make the most interesting water network? Battle Royal on the Island in the Middle of the Lake?

    These things the community could easily, do and provide entertainment for itself. Id rather developers give us more tools, into which we create our own entertainment. Hang gliders, which we could make from different materials perhaps!

    Then we could have a "who can fly the furtherist with a bearskin glider".

    Just off the top of my head, havent really thought about it much, BACK TO TERRAFORMING MY MAST0R PI3C3!

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    D3mondo, you're right, players can do lot of things. In sandbox, the "can do" is more a "have to". But there an another fact, it's a released game now. And as if, it have to honor what is write "on the box". I'm just bothered by the fact that there is no mid-game or end game content for now.

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