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    Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Knights of Septoria (KoS)
    A Good Alignment Tribe

    Our Mission - The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.
    - Sun Tzu

    “We are a progressive team of individuals devoted to player versus player interactions and through mutual understanding and commitment with our crafters and PvE'ers seek to achieve glory in Xsyon”

    Our Goals - “Every member makes up a part of the whole, and through the combined efforts of all members the whole is formed.” ~ Autumn Frost

    To create a solid community of active players with whom we can cooperatively work to ensure peace and prosperity within the borders of Xsyon's good aligned townships.

    Develop lasting friendships and social networking through the use of a website, voice chat communication and cooperative game play.

    Form powerful alliances with the other good aligned clans to establish trade, PvP support, combined terraforming efforts, and more.

    Our History -

    RP - Septoria is what we have chosen to call the new land that we have claimed as our own. Those born and bread here are known as Septorians. The Knights of Septoria are a group formed due to the ever increasing presence of evil within the lands to stand as the Bulwark of the Good aligned tribes against this flood of darkness. They shall come to the aid of any tribe of good alignment if called upon. They fear not death and seek to die in glorious combat against the dark tide before dying of old age.

    Non RP - KoS is a clan focused on PvP to combat all the Evil tribes out there. After reviewing the tribes it seems there are a lot of evil tribes and very few good ones. We will work together with the other good aligned tribes in offering assistance with pvp when needed in exchange for trade agreements and crafting assistance. We will be utilizing our members to establish ourselves a place to call home quickly and efficiently. The core of this tribe are players who have played together for many years and know each other IRL. We will have a PvP focus but will allow for pve'ers and crafters for the sake of city building and other mundane tasks not involving pvp.

    Who We Seek - “Every individual brings forth thoughts and ideas that are unique and intriguing, without these individuals we are just sheep in the flock.” ~ Autumn Frost

    We seek players who wish to be viewed as an individual within a whole rather then a number on a roster.

    We seek players who are positive and proactive who feel their personal goals as a player match our goals as a clan.

    We seek players who are progressive and ambitious in their goals and desires in game and are active enough to see these goals come to pass.

    We seek players who wish to form lasting bonds within our online community through one on one interactions, voice communication, and team play.


    Website participation and Forum use.
    Ventrilo with functioning microphone for tribe events and pvp.
    Positive and proactive attitude.
    Players age 18+ (some exceptions may apply)
    Players who log in regularly, inactive players will be removed.

    Our Charter

    Here in KoS we do not feel that any one player is better or worse then the next. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. As such we use a very simple ranking system which simply denotes your role within the tribe rather then your status within a hierarchy. We do not believe in a Monarchy system style of government as no one person should dictate the game play of others and as such we use a council based system solely for the purposes of administration and reinforcement of the Mission Statement and Goals to keep our community healthy and thriving.

    How to Join

    Our website is currently under construction. Until it is prepared Please post in response to this thread if interested in joining and you will be contacted. Once website is complete a short application will be required of all members.

    Feel free to post any questions I will be checking regularly and answering questions at the earliest convenience.

    Ranks and descriptions pending game launch...

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    Re: Knights of Septoria

    Welcome Guys!

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    Re:Knights of Septoria

    Thanks for the welcome r0ss0.

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Looks pretty good. Your core values synch up rather well with the USSR, aside from the alignment. We're neutral evil.

    Good luck with your clan.

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Thanks for the Welcome Ivan.

    I am pleased to bring everyone the KoS Ventrilo. This Ventrilo is made public for the enjoyment of all prospective Xsyon members no matter your clan affiliation.

    Anyone wishing to get on and bs about the game, theorycraft, talk me me about KoS or whatever can feel free to hop on at any time.

    The info is :

    IP/Host :
    Port : 60997
    Password : Xsyon

    Please log in using a name with the following format

    Name [tribe tag] Example : Ajax [KoS]

    This will help recognize who is in which clan. Whenever possible please try and use your forum handle for your name.

    If this ventrilo starts becoming full we will bear the burden of upgrading the member count on it at our own expense.

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    If you want I could show you how to register members to give them custom tags.

    Also send me a PM if you like and I can show you a site with tons of discount codes for server providers

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Ivan Streptovsky wrote:
    If you want I could show you how to register members to give them custom tags.

    Also send me a PM if you like and I can show you a site with tons of discount codes for server providers
    Thanks for the kind offer but I am aware of how to do this I have done the guild leader thing many times in the past 13 years of mmo gaming.

    The vent server we use is actually one that I have owned for about 4 years now so I'm good.

    Once again the offer is appreciated.

    Note : I don't plan on giving players custom tags outside of registered members of KoS most of the channels are secure and require a registered account to enter, I have simply made a handful of public channels as well for guests to hop in and out of.

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Our Website is up and running to a functional manner. Please bear in mind that some parts are still under construction, and a lot of content space is being reserved for game launch when more information and resources are available.

    Application system is not yet functioning so please contact me either on our ventrilo server, posting in this thread, or pm'ing me on these forums. Thank you.

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Several additions made to the website.

    Currently seeking any information pertaining to Xsyon resource sites that could be listed/linked to from our website.

    Side note : I am fairly new to flash and using a flash based website I am bound to make a few screw ups, anyone willing to give critique I am open to constructive criticism. Please understand it is a work in progress and hope to have all the kinks worked out by the 10th of april.

    There are several obvious changes needing to be made so no need pointing them out (such as the need to change "Game clan" to Knights of Septoria, I just haven't made the jpg for it yet)

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    Re:Knights of Septoria (KoS)

    Welcome, guys! And good luck!

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