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Thread: Right angles

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    Right angles

    since the apocalypse people forgot how to build anything that isnt at a right angle to its connecting piece, but seriously this is a world BUILDER why cant we angle walls and buildings in a more creative way other than a series of connecting right angles?

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    eh i agree but its not game breaking for me

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    yeah it is odd, but they really gotta get the game working properalyl in all zones before they start working on features..

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    And having round tribe land makes it hard to follow the edge. Should be able to rotate in 5 degree steps.

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    What is the MMO FotM today?
    Or 45 at least.

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    Not to meantion other issues like being able to:

    * Stack walls on top of other walls

    * Lower/Raise Terrain by .1

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmogaddict View Post
    * Lower/Raise Terrain by .1
    this you can do, its a bit complicated, but can be done with the level command.(incase you really need to get it done before a better way is added)

    but a better teraforming interface would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajones View Post
    Or 45 at least.
    At first I thought 45 would do it, but after playing with it a bit, needs to be 5 degrees. At least for wall/post sections, though it would likely be easyer to program if it included all arch items.

    On terraforming, I was thinking it raised/lowered 1 at a time, but it does .5. However I still think the best way to fix this is reduce the weight of a dirt by 1/10, increase the stack size and amount of dirt you get each raise/lower 10x, then add a trim/sprinkle or something like that that adds/removes the new 1 dirt amount or .05 elevation change.

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    the Z coord is round to 0.01
    while the buildings can only have 90 degrees rotation...

    i will be satisfied with 30 degrees

    and plz let us rotate the building by setting a centre point (or preset) and dragging the mouse circularly

    yea my english sucks

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    Would be nice to be able to get walls and corner posts close enough to close the gaps between them, too.

    Also, while in phantom placing mode, objects shouldn't block movement. The collision check should only be made when you try to build the structure (or a test placement button). Could also simply shade the phantom structure a reddish tint to signify that it is currently in an invalid location. Anything to not have to rearrange all your baskets to keep them from interfering with your placing structures.

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