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    Huge loading times !!!????

    Hello, im totally new in game and appart from having a problem with really low FPS, it seems i also got a problem where the loading screen seems to last for ever. It also seems like its taking more time every time i start the game. It started being strangely long at 5 min, then it went to around 10 min, now it must be around 30 (literally).
    This together with my really low fps make the game unplayable and make me feel like i
    just wasted 40 bucks and i should get back to mortal online (full of bugs but playable great game) asap.
    If anyone had same problem i would love to hear any advice, cos i really wanna
    play this game and i cant as it is now!

    PS my post about the low fps, where my system specs are written!!!!-plz-help

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    yup as well as all the fps isseus this has also been a major issue since launch ..

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