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    Hey all, new to the game. Just came across it yesterday and have been reading here. Decided to go for it.

    I'm 29, from TX. Looking for a solid community that either through RP, or just being creative, has some experience with adding their own story or game elements to a sandbox like this.

    I've played MMO's for around 10 years. Pretty much at least tried them all. Longest running experience for me was SWG. Loved the crafting and sandbox nature of that game. Some of the best times were when we were doing our own things. Like exploring and settling our own town and creating a story, events to go with that. Creating our own Jedi mentorship and training programs with rp elements, etc.

    Any help or beginner tips welcome, also have been looking for a basic getting started guide, etc.

    Also, any introductions and people I can meet up with IG would be great.

    Added after 21 minutes:

    As I'm downloading the game, a couple of questions came to mind:

    From my reading, it seems the content is all player created, so no created towns or hubs?

    Have any of the larger tribes established towns that serve like hubs? Where I know I can meet new people and get goods, etc?

    How is basic navigation? Everything is in zones, but does the map update with locations you find or can you place markers on it?

    Thanks to all

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    Read, read, read and read some more.

    No, there is as yet no created towns or hubs. Game has actually only been live since the 15th of March.
    Getting to know people, start chatting. If you decide to go visiting, be wary.
    Basic nav, is just that, basic. Each zone starts with 1/1 to 1024/1024. You need to learn east and west with your zone location at the bottom of your screen. It is the only way to navigate. There is no map other than the one out of game on these forums.

    Look us up ingame or msg Mela for help if needed. Wessex is a RP, multigaming, adult community.

    oh, and Welcome to Xsyon!

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    Welcome to xyson, if you're looking for a tribe just place an add in the looking for tribe thread and you'll have all kinds of suitors .

    And to answer your question no nothing has really been created yet as there isn't a whole lot to create yet.

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    I recommend you to watch some Saintbob videotutorials,you can find them in prelude talk sticky threads.


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