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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 24:

    We're preparing another patch for the server and the installer for this evening. Please sit tight. I will send an email to everyone with game access when this is ready.

    The new installer will override the current one but won't require a full download of the data files.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 25:

    I took down the installer link as we're still working on an improved installer. We decided to work all night (for me at least) to get an installer that solves as many issues as possible.

    As soon as it's ready I will send all active players an email and post here.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 25:

    A new installer is ready for download. I'm in the process of sending emails in batches to all active players.

    This installer selects a more appropriate default installation directory for Windows 7 / Vista users as recommended by Microsoft. We highly recommend that you do not install the game to Program Files. Microsoft's UAC (User Account Control) causes problems with patch programs when installed in the Program Files or other restricted directories.

    This installer also includes DirectX files for users that do not have the correct DirectX version to run the game.

    We've improved the patching system to prevent time outs and slow updating when patching portions of the larger data files.

    We've also been running the server while blocking unwanted traffic which has continued to attempt to connect to the server throughout the weekend. The server finally seems solidly unaffected by this type of traffic.

    Now that we're comfortable that this type of unwanted traffic is prevented, we will take further action against this IP.

    Now that these issues are hopefully sorted out, we can continue with turning on features and improving the actual game!

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 26:

    The server and client have been updated.

    This update is primarily a server update to hopefully fix several problems:

    Time outs and player disconnects, not being able to log back in.

    Inventory items disappearing or becoming corrupted due to a time out or crash.

    Additional minor updates:

    Incorrect female sidestep animations were fixed.
    Xsyon.ini which is for offline mode use was removed.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    A new patch will be coming out at some point this morning

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 28:

    I took the server down and will keep it down until we can deliver a new patch and improved patcher.

    A few problems have been solved:

    The hacker intrusion and unwanted connections is no longer an issues. That has been fully blocked and intrusions of this type have no effect on the server.

    We discovered the problem with some players having the launcher hang on downloading small files. This has been fixed, but the programmer working on this sees a few other things that should be improved and optimized. I will wait until these are finished to send out a new installer.

    We found an error in reading / loading files from packed files that could cause a client to crash. This wasn't detected earlier as we mostly run the game without packed up piles.

    More bugs have been fixed and will be ready for the next patch.

    We still have problems with:

    The server freezing up. We fixed many potential causes for this, but it's still happening. We have a few days of logs to sort through and will continue working on this as a priority. We do see reasons for this, but rather than patch one fix at a time we want the next patch to include all of the changes we are working on.

    There are a few client crashes that we will eliminate thanks to bug reports. We also want the next patch to include all of these fixes rather than upload a few fixes at a time.

    The plan is to let in a more players as soon as we can get a solid patch up.


    Jordi Grau Davis

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 29:

    The programmer working on the server problems requested that I keep the server up today with a debugging update he prepared so that we can gather more information while he continues to work on what he thinks is causing problems.

    For now the server is up.

    We expect it to freeze up (actually we hope that it does) so that we can gather additional information from the server logs. Play at your own risk.

    We're continuing work on a more substantial update which will include the intaller, server and client.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update May 1:

    I had to wipe the player and terrain data as bad data was building up and causing the server to lock up.

    Our server logs from the past 16 hours or so show the exact same problem causing the server to freeze and we've implemented a fix for this. It will be part of the next update. At the moment we can't patch out this change until the rest of the update is ready.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 1:

    Hello everyone!

    We’re going to have to push the planned final character wipe until the server is completely stable and we have a decent amount of time to fully test and improve the Prelude features with players in the game.

    The recent problems we’ve had with the server and patch downloader have taken too much of our time this past month and we haven’t been able to turn on as many features as we originally planned.

    We have made a lot of recent progress fixing bugs and improving some of the currently implemented features based on player feedback.

    We’ve also completely blocked unwanted incoming traffic on the server and we’ve tracked down and fixed some obscure problems that only a few players were having. These things were unexpected, but in the long the run, it’s better to take care of these things now rather than down the road.

    Player feedback so far has been very positive. Suggestions for improvements are in line with my vision for the game and how it will evolve. I think we’re building a great community and though these unexpected problems are causing a delay, things in general are looking very good!

    Our tentative plan now is for a final character wipe on June 15th. We are not going to push a release deadline until the game is ready, stable and with the planned Prelude features working well.

    We will continue to let in pre-order players on a first come, first serve basis. We have been letting in larger groups and will continue to do so, hoping to get all current subscribers in the game by the middle of May.

    Pre-order players will have access to the current early testing phase and two months of game time starting once the game is ready. If the planned features are still being tweaked by June 15th, we will push this start date forward another month.

    Our next update to the patcher, client and server will be in a few days. This update has many changes that we need to bring together and test before releasing it to the public. We’ve fixed a few more problems with the server and hopefully we’ll reach full stability soon.

    For now we’re going to leave the server up as much as possible so that players can mess around with the Xsyon world over the weekend while we continue to gather debug information. We will probably take the server down for a day or two early this week so that we can concentrate on preparing the next update.

    In conclusion, we will continue to do our best to bring you a great game!

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update May 1:

    Virtus and Celestial Fury will be monitoring the server through tonight. I plan to take down the server for a few days starting early tomorrow unless the other programmers request that it stays up for gathering more information.

    This will let us focus on the upcoming patch. A lot of changes are coming together right now!

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