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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 3:

    The server will be down for a few days while we prepare the upcoming patch. My estimate is late Wednesday or Thursday for this new patch.

    This update will include major changes to terraforming, continued improvement to the combat system, further optimization of the patcher system, fixes for all the current determined causes of server instability and many bug fixes.

    If we bring up the server for some tests I will announce it, but the test server will not include our upcoming changes.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 6:

    It's going to be a while longer before the new update and server are up.

    I've been running some test installs over the past 2 hours and something's not right with the launcher / patcher. I need to wait for the launcher programmer to make sure he sent me the correct latest build.

    I'll post again when I have more news.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update May 7:

    After running many tests yesterday I found there are still situations that could cause a the patcher to run a bit slow, so I wasn't satisfied with releasing this update yet.

    The patcher programmer has been working on it. Right now I'm just waiting as you all are.

    I'll be back with another update as soon as I have more news.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Another Quick Update May 7:

    I've just received the updated patcher. We're going to test downloads on various machines for some hours and check for problems.

    Once this looks solid to me, I'll be back with another update.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    It's looking good! The patcher is much better now.

    This build will go out after I get some sleep. The other programmers and I want to be up and alert to monitor the server when it goes back up.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 8:

    Hello everyone!

    A new update for Xsyon is ready and the servers are up.

    This update includes many changes to the installer, launcher, server and client. Changes include:

    1) New Installer. The installer is more flexible and includes a better DirectX install that will check to make sure that you have the latest DirectX files. We will be using this installer from now on. Much thanks to Thiago Fagundes for creating this installer for us!

    2) Optimized launcher. The updating and patching process has been revised for better and faster downloads and updates.

    3) Server stability. We've fixed all causes of server instability that we could determine from our recent tests. These were mainly issues with bad data that was being compounded with every server freeze. We've added additional checks and logging to both the client and the server so that if we continue having problems we will be able to track them down faster. The client currently records logs that we will ask players to submit in case they crash.

    4) Terraforming. Terraforming has been revised to be more accurate and predictable. Terraforming on water has been completely redone. Restrictions on slopes have been added. There are still issues with terraforming on waterfalls. Please don't terraform waterfalls, this will be blocked in the future.

    The terrain, which was set to a tighter grid a few weeks ago for better terraforming, has now been smoothed over.

    5) Combat. Combat changes are still in progress. So far we've improved: positioning and updates between characters, combat timing, movement, damage and animations. Animations will reflect your cursored target (high, low and medium attacks). Combat is still being worked on, so expect more changes and updates to this over the course of this week.

    6) Movement. We've completely revised jumps and fixed problems with players getting stuck. The jump animations to fit the new system are in progress and will be patched out as soon as they are ready.

    7) Graphic options. You can now select display mode, instead of simply resolution, from the options menu. This includes selecting your refresh rate. You can also turn VSync on and off. This should resolve problems a few players have had trying to set different resolutions or running monitors that require VSync on.

    8) Bug Fixes: A large portion of current bugs have been fixed. A full list of fixes is posted here:

    9) This build includes many other small tweaks, including the availability of selecting different character heads / faces and server side improvements to inventory and trade.

    As usual, please report any bugs through our support form, or email directly. If you experience a crash, please find the Log subfolder in your Xsyon directories and attach the most recent log file to your bug report.

    We're hoping these fixes will let us focus now on rolling out the rest of the features while we continue improving the current systems!


    Jordi Grau Davis

    Notorious Games

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    When you start a new character you will have most basic skills, but you get a skill bonus and items based on the skills you choose.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 9:

    A small patch went up to fix some crashes on the client side.

    That's it for now. We are focused on the server again as there are still unresolved problems.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    A small client and server patch was just updated. The server patch is mostly for debugging.

    Please try to do whatever you think is freezing the server and we will be monitoring it.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    Another client and server patch is up. We will keep monitoring and making changes.

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