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    April 30 2012

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    We're pushing hard to release the big Skills / Stats / Quest patch. We've fixed the few critical issues that were found last week, so this is almost ready to go.

    If you have any final feedback on this please post in the current Feedback thread:

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    May 1 2012

    The Test Server is resarting now (8:30 PM PST) with a few fixes and changes:

    - Base movement speed increased with the affect of agility further revised. Please provide feedback on this. I personally think these speeds are too high now, but you all are more used to playing. This can be further revised after the public patch, so it's not holding anything up.

    - Skills update on every use count now.

    - Skill gain set back to normal (instead of 50 times gain)

    - Problems with the Level Up and Stat Adjustment panel fixed. Decimals display now in both panels.

    Barring any last minute critical issues, this patch is finally ready for the public and we will patch out today. If you test and find any critical issues at all, please report them on the feeback thread or alert one of our guides.

    Feedback here:


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    May 2 2012

    The Main Server and Client have been updated with a major patch!

    I hope you enjoy the changes! Some of the major changes include:

    - Skill balancing and control over skill gain and loss with skill locks.
    - Faster stat gain.
    - Improved experience and level up system. Using experience will gain stats associated with the skills you raise.
    - Improved quest system. Both the questor and quest creator can gain experience through questing.

    Full patch notes are here:

    Over the next few days we will continue to tweak these changes and fix any bugs that are found. Please provide feedback here:


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    May 7 2012

    The Main Server and Client were updated with a minor patch today. The main reason for this patch was to balance stat gains.

    Full patch notes are here:


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    May 8 2012

    The Test Server is running with a small but important patch right now. We appreciate it if players can help test and we will set up a test session during the daily maintenance time.

    This patch focuses on Client side revisions to prevent crashes. We need to make sure that these changes do not cause any client lock ups or decreased performance. We will be testing general actions and gameplay to compare with the Main Server.


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    May 9 2012

    The Main Server and Client were updated with a minor patch today. This patch is primarily intended to prevent client crashes.

    If you crash, please send all crash logs from your Xsyon/Log directory to bugs. We really appreciate the crash reports as they help us pinpoint the exact causes.

    Full patch notes are here:

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    May 11 2012

    Today's maintenance will start at 6:00 AM PST!
    We will be updating the server and client with a minor patch at this time.

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    May 11 2012

    The Main Server and Client were updated with a small patch today. The main purpose of this patch is further revisions to prevent client crashes and improving client performance.

    Please continue to report any crashes by sending all crash logs from your Xsyon/Log directory to bugs .

    Full patch notes are here:

    I will be in transit to the US over the next few days. We will be working on bug fixes and minor improvements these days and will resume more substantial feature improvements when I'm back to a normal schedule on Tuesday May 15th PST.


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    May 16 2012

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    The Main Server was updated this morning with a patch. This patch primarily deals with recent lag and desynchronization issues. These problems started with recent changes including increasing the creature count (5x) and updating windows on the main server which changed some configuration settings and caused the server processing to overload some CPU cores. We discovered a few memory leaks that could also be contributing to the lag which recently surfaced.

    Patch notes are here:

    We have been monitoring today and things appear to be much better. I am still acclimating to US time and getting caught up after a very long trip home. We will continue to focus on fixing memory leaks and final preparations for the coming free time on Friday. We expect the next content update to be ready for the middle of next week.

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    May 18 2012

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    The Main Server is now open for our first round of Free Time for inactive players!

    To check when your free time is available, please log in to your account. If you have any questions regarding free time please contact support


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