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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    Another server update has been patched out. We're going to keep at this around the clock with small updates as we find potential problems and fix them.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    Another server update was patched out with some definite fixes. We'll keep monitoring....

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The server is up and we are monitoring our latest changes. We will continue to focus only on stability today.

    I plan to send out some more invites today as the server is looking more stable.

    Please email me if:

    You have problems with your inventory.
    You crash (not just timed out to the login).
    You crash or time out and the server seems to have gone down.

    I don't need any more client logs, just specific details regarding what you were doing if you crashed or were timed out.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The server has been updated again. We'll keep checking.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 10:

    The server and client were updated again just now with some minor bug fixes.

    The server has been running completely stable the entire day but we will continue to monitor it closely.

    Hopefully we can get back on track now!

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 11:

    The server is much more stable now but we are not 100% satisfied that it is perfectly stable.

    Several updates were patched out over the course of the day and we will continue with more minor updates tonight is we find any other potential problems.

    We let in a group of new players last night, another group tonight and we'll continue letting in players daily if the server continues to run solidly.

    Our focus right now is to make sure the server is 100% stable, to eliminate client crashes and fix critical bugs.

    If you experience a client crash please email me at I've been getting very few crash reports, so I hope that's a good sign. If you're crashing (not timing out) make sure to let me know.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 12:

    Just a quick update for now. The server has been completely stable today aside from one issue that was being deliberately tested.

    I am currently preparing a build that will allow players to choose between the main server and the test server. The test server will be updated and wiped more frequently and will be up and down as we deliberately try to break things.

    The main server will be intended for players who want to get a feel for the game so far without our tests and interruptions.

    New players have been let in daily this week. We will continue to do so and we're catching up with the list.

    We have a lot going on right now. I wil post a more detailed update tomorrow.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 14:

    I've updated the game client and the server.

    1) You can now connect to a test server. This will be up and down while the main server will stay online.

    If you want to help test, please log on to the test server and create new characters. Right now I'd like players to test chopping trees and chopping felled trees into logs. I will be monitoring and debugging any problems that are caused by this.

    2) We discovered and fixed the problem with players getting stuck at the character screen. We can all thank Microsoft for this one! We recently updated the game to use Microsoft's new DirectX libraries from February 2010. It turns out that the new and improved effect compiler runs about 20 times slower than the older version and was causing the game to stall during the initial loading process.

    After some research, this is a known issue and other developers are dealing with it by rolling back to use older DirectX libraries. We did the same and the problem has been alleviated.

    If you had this problem before, please log in and confirm that you no longer get stuck before the character screen.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates


    We're going to have to test more to build with the correct DirectX libraries now as some of our shaders were updated for the latest version, but in general we need an earlier version for faster compilation.

    All servers are back up now with a temporary build until we correct the DirectX situation.

    The servers will be running but I will ask for more specific testing this evening.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The servers were taken down for a 10 minute update and are currently back up.

    This includes a correct DirectX version built into the client and should alleviate problems with slow loading characters. If you had slow loading character and were sometiems stuck at the character screen before, please let me know if this update solves the problem.
    It should!

    The test server will also been running. I would like players to come to the test server and chop trees and logs so we can pinpoint a potential remaining problem with this.

    A note about the world loading taking a while:

    We've let terraforming changes pile up so we can test the effect. This is causing loading to take a while, but it's not causing other problems.

    When the game is official, terraforming changes will be 'baked' into the terrain daily and will not be allowed to pile up. There will also be more realistic restrictions in place.

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