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    January 4 2013

    Please continue to vote these next few days for us on MMOSite. The contest ends this Sunday, January 6. You can click the link on the top of each page and visit the link on the launcher. By visiting both you can vote twice daily.

    We are currently in line for some free advertising as a prize on MMOSite, so please do keep up the votes!

    We will be launching Xsyon on Steam Greenlight this weekend. Greenlight is the entry program for getting a game placed on the Steam online game store.

    I want to thank all of you who pledged on Kickstarter. We did not reach our goal by a long shot. The main issue was that we did not attract enough viewers to the Kickstarter page. Although I will consider another Kickstarter fund raiser in the future, it's not likely. Our efforts will focus on bringing more people directly to the game.

    As many of you know I've been focused on publicity, the free trial and play changes and attempting to raise funds for Xsyon to increase our team and speed of development. Xsyon is seeing a regular flow of new free players and a steady increase in population but I've not raised enough funds to increase our team. For the next few months I plan to focus on the game code as the sole programmer. I will follow my plans as listed in the In Development section and will adjust the list if anything changes.

    I will post the details of the Xsyon Steam Greenlight launch in my next announcement!

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    January 6 2013

    Xsyon is now available on Steam Greenlight!

    If you are a Steam user, please log in and Vote so that Xsyon can be fully launched on Steam. If you are not a Steam user, please sign up to help us get the Green Light. Mark Xsyon as a Favorite to give us an extra boost!

    With Steam we are hoping to reach out to a much wider audience and fill the world of Xsyon!

    Xsyon ended up in 2nd place for Best P2P MMO on MMOSite's Annual Reader's Choice contest!

    This will bring us much appreciated free promotion on MMOSite for the coming month.

    Much thanks to all of you that voted! Let's get Xsyon on Steam!

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    January 7 2013

    Our forums have been reorganized today. We've removed the previous Public sections as now all forums are open anyone that signs up for a forum account. In addition, we've cleaned up and removed some redundant sections.

    We're off to a good start with Steam Greenlight. Thanks for the support!

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    January 13 2013

    The Test Server is open for public testing of trade functions at the main totem. Tribes will be able to place separate Trade and Quest totems anywhere on tribal land when this feature is complete. More information and a request for feedback is here.

    I've answered the latest Questions For The Developers here.

    Please continue to support us on Steam Greenlight. We are off to a very good start though we expect things to slow down this week as Xsyon is no longer a new addition to the Greenlight program. Thanks again for the votes so far!

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    January 21 2013

    Thank for all the support on
    Steam Greenlight!

    Although I expected a steep drop off in interest after the first week, it didn't happen. We are continuing to receive a lot of positive attention and have reached 60% to the top 100 games on Greenlight after just two weeks! If you haven't voted for us yet on Greenlight, please do, and pass along the link to your friends and guild mates.

    Two of our players will be streaming Xsyon live on a regular schedule. You can tune in to their channels:

    Healshot Mon-Fri 8pm-12 midnight EST
    Mon-Thu 9pm-12 midnight PST

    Please check their channels for additional times.

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    January 23 2013

    The Test Server is open for testing the latest version of Trade Totems and separate Quest Totems. For more information and to provide feedback, please read this thread.

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    February 8 2013

    I've been silent the past 2 weeks as I'm consumed by the next round of features (and with a flu but that didn't slow me down much). Progress is steady and I thank a few coders that have stepped up to assist me with specific bug fixes and new features.

    The Test Server is now open for public testing, again with a blank database.

    Trade totems are almost wrapped up including the placement of separate Trade and Quest totems.
    Tribe alliance functionality is set up and in testing.

    Tribes will be allowed to place Trade and Quest totems on allied tribe land, allowing tribes to come together and form larger Trade and Quest market places.

    Agriculture is well under way and we will announce when we are ready for testing sessions with the Guides assisting.

    I will post a new feedback thread when we're ready. Right now we're still wrapping up a few known issues (such as what happens to totems and items for sale when alliances are broken or tribes are disbanded).

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    February 16 2013

    We've been running continuous tests on the Test Server for resetting terrain on public land. This will include regrowing grass. Both of these have been highly requested improvements over the past year. The current tests gradually revert terrain heights back to normal if the terraformed land is not on tribal land. Changes will be gradual. Currently we are testing with the system sped up so that I can determined how many changes are possible per hour without stressing the server and database saves.

    In addition, we continue to work on the agriculture system, crafting changes. (Thank you for those who provided feedback during our last tribal council!). Trade totems are ready to go, but are waiting for public release while I implement totem upkeep that will serve as a sink for local currency.

    The Test Server will remain open to the public while we continue the terrain and agriculture tests but I'm not yet ready for public feedback. I will post a feedback thread when I am.


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    February 18 2013

    We will be shutting down the main server at 2:00 AM PST, Tuesday February 19 for quick maintenance, to get a snapshot of some data for specific testing. This maintenance will run faster than usual and the main server will be up as quick as possible, before 3:00 AM PST.

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    February 27 2013

    The Test Server is open for testing and feedback on Trade and Quest totems. Many other features are in progress (Crafting with a revamped armor system including Artisan and Master armor sets, Totem Upkeep, Terrain Reset and Agriculture). However, we are ready for feedback only on the Trade and Quest totem functionality and other related improvements.

    If you would like to provide feedback or report any issues, please do so here


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