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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The server has just been updated.

    This fixes some potential freeze up issues (which are happening less and less).

    This also should fix the death fog problems. Please report to me to confirm this.

    Our major concern right now are client crashes. If you crash (not time out) and receive a missing ground levels error or similar error, please email and attach the most recent log file from your Xsyon / Log directory.

    I will update the client in about 30 minutes that will help us gather more information on this.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 16:

    The server and client have been updated again for stability.

    This is an experimental update as it includes some changes that we did not extensively test as they are better checked by the player base.

    Characters and the terrain were wiped for this update.

    Please continue sending me logs if you have any client crashes. A few problems have been definitely fixed and I have updated the log information to give more detail on additional problems.

    If this build looks good today I will send out more invitations this evening.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 17:

    Our focus this week is to keep the servers running, let in players daily, resolve remaining stability problems and deal with specific client problems so that these are taken care of now and not when there are more players in the future.

    We have a lot going on at the moment as we are upgrading all of our servers and moving and revamping the website and forums.

    I will post a more lengthy update when I get the chance.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The servers are down while I prepare a new update. This update includes a new launcher. You will receive an email about this.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 19:

    Hello Everyone!

    A new update for Xsyon is ready and the servers are up.

    The updated launcher allows for the partial download of large files. If you lose your connection while downloading a large file, you should now be able to resume the download.

    This launcher should also install all data files to your selected location and ignore old registry keys that were causing some players to have data files installed to Program Data or Application Data folder. This will require a redownload of files. If you do not wish to redownload the large data files and currently have your data files in a directory apart from the Xsyon Launcher, you can location those data files and move them to the directories where the launcher is located before patching. This is an issue with just a few players, so most players don't need to worry about this.

    This update includes:

    1) An updated and more stable server. We've fixed most server problems with this build, in particular problems being caused by chopping logs and other specific actions. However, the server still has a few outstanding issues that need to be resolved. These can still trigger the server to freeze up unpredictably. We currently do not need more information regarding these freezes or time-outs. We know the problem and the solution, it will just take a while to implement.

    2) We fixed a problem that could cause clients to freeze while timing out. I would like some feedback on this to ensure that the problem has been correctly fixed.

    3) Combat has been further revised to get closer to what was originally intended. Combat animations, timing, damage, dodge and parrye effects and armor have been revised. Specific body parts can be accurately targeted and the armor or lack thereof on that body part is taken into account.

    4) Issues that some players have been having with specific monitors, graphics cards or drivers should be resolved.

    5) We've fixed many bugs including bugs with hidden characters, fatigue and screen resolutions stretching.

    The world and players have been wiped for this update. Those playing will notice a speed up during Loading Entities. This will inevitably slow down as the world is terraformed and changed. This data will be eventually 'baked' into the world files daily so that it does not affect loading times. For now, we will continue to wipe the terrain data once a week or so.

    In the past 7 weeks or so since we first started to let players into Xsyon we've encountered many unexpected problems.

    We've greatly improved server stability, the installation process, the launcher performance, resolved very specific issues to ensure all players could get into the game and fixed many bugs and made many changes based on player feedback.

    We've also discovered that the website and forum system of our choice is full of problems that have caused us to deal daily with minor website issues.

    All of this has thrown us off our intended schedule of releasing regular feature updates. I've had to sit back and revise our plans.

    Here is what we plan to do:

    1) The official release is now planned for August 15th. We will reassess our progress every month and if we need to push this date further into the future we will. We do not want to force an unfinished release. Instead we are going to continue working as hard as possible until we can fully stabilize the server and finish implementing the planned game features. We're going to stick to our plan, it's just going to take longer than we hoped.

    2) We will be focusing first and foremost on server stability and performance. We will then continue with turning on features, fixing bugs and improving performance. Our server changes will be checked for on our test server before they are implemented on the main server. The main server will be kept up and running around the clock unless we take it down for an update.

    3) We are upgrading the website to use a better back-end and forum system. It will also be moved to a new location.

    4) We are upgrading our game and patch servers and also moving them to a better location where we have tested faster ping rates to connections all around the world.

    5) The team has been reorganized and expanded to include more internal testing and so that I have help dealing with support and organizing bug reports and can focus more on development. Additional programmers who spent the last few months getting acquainted with the code are now ready to help us make improvements.

    6) 2/3 of the pre-order players have access to game and we will continue to let in players quickly until all players have access.
    Many of these changes will be happening over the next two weeks.
    Please bear with all our changes and enjoy testing Xsyon while we make it a great game!

    Jordi Grau Davis
    Notorious Games

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 20:

    The game was updated today to fix a problem causing the client to freeze, usually upon timing out.

    Please continue to report any freeze situations to and include your log files.

    I don't need any further information on time outs.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    The server has been running without a crash or freeze problem for about 24 hours. It was stopped briefly only for an update.

    This is a good sign, but we are still focused on improving the server because of the current lag, in particular, lag spikes. We will have updates on the test server and will move those to the main server only after at least a full day of testing.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 23:

    Hello Everyone!

    Our main focus right now is some major changes to the server code.

    These have been partially implemented and checked on the test server but the bulk of the changes will happen over the next week or two.

    In the meantime we are working on:

    1) Addressing some of the major player concerns.
    2) Preparing new skills and actions.
    3) Improving performance.
    4) Fixing bugs.
    5) Upgrading the servers.
    6) Getting new team members up to speed.
    7) Getting me to Russia where I can work more directly with the team.

    We will continue to let in players this week to at least experience what we have now. All players will have access by the end of the week.

    I need to concentrate on making all these things come together as soon as possible so I will be mostly quiet on the forums, but I will post here with updates if there is new information to give out.

    Thanks for your patience. We're doing our best!

    Jordi Grau Davis
    Notorious Games

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Quick Update:

    I'm going to wipe the main server some time early this morning.

    The server will be left running for a few more hours as is for now.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update May 26:

    I've wiped the terrain and player data and reset the server.

    We're concentrated on revising the server code and getting things together for a big update within the next few weeks.

    More players will be let in today. That's all for now!

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