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    Xsyon Update June 17

    Update June 17:

    The server and client have been updated.

    This update includes:

    Bug fixes to crafting recipes.

    Some animation and sound changes.

    Fixes to fires (so that players don't catch fire etc.)

    Energy gain bumped up.

    You can now see other player's hair and beards. Not sure why nobody reported this issue, but there was a recent bug so everyone was bald except for yourself. Nobody wondered about that?

    Some server stability improvements.

    A kick back to login so nobody should ever be stuck at Loading Entities again. I hope! If you time out during loading, you should be sent to the login screen about 30 seconds - 1 minute.

    After fixing a couple of flaws in Monday's update that was getting players stuck at Loading Entities, the server is looking really good right now. Today it ran without problem for 13 hours up until this update, and this patch should be even more stable.

    That's all for now!

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    Xsyon Update June 18

    Update June 18:

    The server is looking very stable now, finally!

    We'll see this weekend as we expect more players in the game.

    We're currently working on:

    Minor bug fixes.
    More interface improvements.
    Cooking and some related elements.

    I should be releasing minor updates over the weekend.

    I'll have to wipe characters and the world data when our terrain update is ready, but this looks like it might take another week for us to fully test. The new graphics programmer is revising our systems so that once he's done with optimizing the terrain he can move on to other needed rendering optimizations.

    That's all for now!

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    Xsyon Update June 19

    Update June 19:

    The server is up with a new update. We found one cause of lag and crash that happened three times over the course of the past few days and we've fixed this.

    I've also fixed some crafting recipes and added a few minor improvements to the interface.

    I'm going to spend the day on some optimizations and bug fixes and tomorrow on getting more features ready.

    Thanks for all the reports!

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    Xsyon Update June 20

    Update June 20:

    I just patched out a client update that should fix the crafting window crashes.

    If it doesn't, I'm sure you will all let me know.

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    Xsyon Update June 21

    Update June 21:

    Just a quick update on what we're working on for the next few days.

    1) We've further revised the server code, implementing some changes that will help us to eliminate lag, in particular the lag spikes that occur.

    We're working on this one step at a time. Our current step requires a lot of testing so in-house we are focused on finding obvious problems before patching these changes out.

    2) We're also testing the new terrain renderer. This is looking very close to being ready.

    3) One of the programmers is working on getting creatures finally ready, making sure all our changes didn't have too many affects.

    4) I'm working on minor bug fixes and continued improvements while I wait for the rest to be tested.

    I expect we'll patch out an update in a day or two.

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    Xsyon Update June 23

    Update June 23:

    Hello everyone!

    A new build is up. This is another server and client update. This build features:

    1) The new terrain renderer. This should decrease loading times and takes up much less memory. We've tested speed increases from 10% to 60% on different systems. These are with advanced shadows turned off. We will be optimizing the shadow system soon.

    There are two known issues: waterfalls are not rendering correctly, and terrain shadows renders some strange artifacts.

    2) Major changes to the server code. This is our next big step in stabilizing the server and reducing lag. We're not sure how much this step will visibly affect the game at the moment, but it prepares the server for further optimization.

    3) More bug fixes and minor improvements based on feedback this week.

    The database has been wiped completely as this build features a new zone distribution. We don't plan any other major changes like this for a while, so we shouldn't have to wipe characters often from now on.

    That's all for now. This is a major build for us, though the visible changes aren't too exciting.

    Our next update will include some more interesting changes.

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    Xsyon Update June 25

    Update June 25:

    Just a quick update for now.

    The main server has been running completely stable without any of the past or recent problems for almost 48 hours with quite a bit of activity.

    Looks like the changes we made a paying off!

    We're going to run some more tests on the test server on Siberian day time (it's 3AM there now) and I will continue to work on a few bug fixes and interface changes today.

    I plan to release the update with the new sector update tomorrow morning after our tests, and I will also open up the test server to everyone.

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    Xsyon Update June 26

    Update June 26:

    Both the main and test server are up now with an update.

    I've wiped the database on both servers as this update includes the zone size change. The main goal of this update is to switch to the new zone size system which was described in my post on the 23rd.

    This build includes many minor bug fixes including:

    Female death animations getting stuck.
    Toolcraft and weaponcraft found recipes.
    Stacking problems with grass and bundles.

    There is a known issue with SpeedTree causing client crashes sometimes when crossing zones. We've discovered that this was happening all along, but it's erratic and happens more now with the smaller zones.

    I'm not feeling too well today, so I'm going to take it easy a bit and continue working on some simple bug fixes.

    At the moment both servers are identical. When changes are ready on the test server I will make an announcement.

    If you have any problems with missing buttons or crashing at the main login screen please delete:


    from the Xsyon\\Data directory. It seems the patcher is not updating these files correctly for some players.

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    Xsyon Update June 28

    Update June 28:

    Just a quick update at the moment.

    Yesterday updates to the terrain rendering code and the creatures were delivered, so we spent the full day (night here) testing.

    A few things need to be fixed still so the programmers are still working on them.

    In the meantime I've continued to go through the bug / suggestions lists making fixes and improvements. I'm going to continue with these today and need to take care of some organizational tasks.

    That's all for now!

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    Xsyon Update June 29

    Update June 29:

    Another quick update.

    I'm planning an update to the launcher/patcher, client and server tomorrow.

    This will include:

    We've fixed the problem with the patcher that was corrupting interface files. We're testing this over and over right now.

    Creatures need some tweaks and improvements, but they are ready enough for general spawning and testing.

    The full new terrain rendering should finally be ready. I'm waiting for a few minor fixes and want to test this one more night before patching it out.

    I'm going to disappear now until tomorrow. There's a lot to take care of today, including making sure that there's nothing we need left on our old server which are going to be shut down tomorrow.

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