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    March 6 2013

    I've answered the latest Questions to the Developers here

    Thanks for the feedback on Trade and Quest totems. The system is almost wrapped up and Tribe Upkeep is well under way. We will be testing Tribe Upkeep and Armor Revisions this weekend. If you haven't checked out the changes on the Test Server, please do so. There is a lot under way!

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    March 11 2013

    I've answered the latest Question to the Developers here

    The Test Server is open for testing the Tribe Upkeep system. There is a new tab on your Totem that displays Upkeep information. Please read more about it and provide feedback here.

    With Trade and Quest Totems and Tribe Upkeep almost done, we're close to a massive public patch. A lot of minor bugs have been fixed and small requests have been fulfilled. I am not yet ready for feedback on the crafting revisions in progress, but you can preview crafting changes on the Test Server as well (in particular, armor sets).

    I appreciate all the feedback so far, and look forward to the response on these very important changes!

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    March 14 2013

    The Test Server is open for the testing the latest improvements to the new Trade Totem system. Please read more about the changes and provide feedback here.

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    March 15 2013

    Additional Upkeep improvements have been patched to the Test Server. Please read the opening post in my feedback request thread here and provide responses there. Trade Totems are also nearly finalized. We'll be testing crafting revisions next!

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    March 19 2013

    The Test Server is ready for a final round of testing the new Trade Totems! I'm very satisfied with the new system and hope you all enjoy it and find it useful. Please read about the latest improvements and provide feedback here

    We experienced hardware issues (failing hard drive) with the Patch Server this morning. The problems have been resolved for now with a replacement drive. We will be moving to a new servers within the next 4-5 weeks as our server host is upgrading their location.

    I feel that the Trade Totem system is complete now, barring any bugs or minor issues that need to be fixed. Next up I will finish crafting revisions and upkeep (based on the feedback provided with requested bonuses for upkeep).


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    March 29 2013

    The Test Server is ready for testing crafting revisions! Please read the details and provide feedback here

    Crafting revisions are in progress, and I am very pleased with the improvements so far. Weapon recipes are being revised next. Upkeep effects will be implemented and tested this coming week.

    I look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

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    April 3 2013

    The Test Server is ready for a final round (hopefully) of testing armor crafting revisions.

    Please read about specific items being tested here

    Bugs and exploits with Trade have also been fixed as there are better checks on final trade transactions.

    Weapon revisions and upkeep effects will be up next and will complete this big patch!

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    April 15 2013

    Hello everyone!

    This has been a long time coming - the upcoming big Economy patch is ready for final testing. The Test Server is ready with the release candidate build for this massive patch!

    The patch consists of 3 components: Trade, Upkeep and Crafting Revisions. If you note any issues or would like to provide any last minute feedback, please do so in the feedback threads:

    Trade Totems

    Tribe Upkeep

    Crafting Revisions

    Tribe upkeep will consist only of currency for this patch. This upkeep provides additional crafting bonuses for the entire tribe. Resource upkeep will provide resource gathering bonuses and will be released in another upcoming patch.

    Crafting revisions for weapons will also be released in another upcoming patch. This patch has simply grown and grown and it's time to release what's ready!

    In addition we are moving to new servers with this patch. Our server host is relocating to a new data center and I've spent a large part of the last week migrating to and running tests on the new servers. The servers are ready to go and the current Test Server build is actually running on our new Main Server.

    I look forward to any final feedback!

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    April 16 2013

    The new Test Server required some setting changes to allow all players to connect. It should be open to the public now. Players that registered accounts after Monday will not be able to log in as the Test Server is using a copy of the player database from Monday's maintenance, but all others can connect for final testing.


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    April 18 2013

    We are ready for a massive Economy patch!

    The Main Server will be shut down tonight at midnight and should be back online at 4:00 AM PST Friday April 19.

    With this patch we will be moving to new server and a new launcher will be available for download shortly after the server goes down.

    As we fixed an exploit with this patch where free players were able to become tribe leaders and own a homestead, all free player led homesteads will be removed.

    A full list of tribes that will be removed is here: Tribe List

    The latest round of Questions for the Developers has been answered here

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