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    April 19 2013

    The massive Economy patch is out!

    The main components of this patch are:

    • Trade Totems
    • Tribe Upkeep with bonuses
    • Crafting Revisions

    Please read the Patch Notes for full details.

    The transition to new servers went very smoothly. Patches will be more frequent now that this big patch is out of the way. After some consideration I will be revising creature population and distribution next.
    A lot of improvements have gone into this patch and I hope you all enjoy!

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    April 22 2013

    The Main Server has been updated with a minor improvement patch.
    Please read the Patch Notes for full details.

    I've started tests on creature AI and with today's patch all creatures that were lost in the green mist have been returned to their home positions.

    I will be checking the latest Feedback Thread and Bug Reports so that I can deal with any issues as quickly as possible.

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    April 24 2013

    The Main Server was updated with another minor patch today. The main goal was to address a few bugs.

    Please read the Patch Notes for full details.

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    May 3 2013

    The Main Server has been updated with a minor patch. This patch is the first step in improving creature population and balance. Creatures will now breed much more frequently if they reach low population levels and will strive to maintain a balanced population. The overall creature population limit has also been increased.

    This weekend I will continue improving creatures, adjusting speed and power and increasing the migration distances of creatures to spread creatures to sparsely inhabited zones.

    I will also continue fixing and improving issues reported in the feedback thread or bug reports since the big Economy patch.

    Please read the Patch Notes for full details on today's patch.

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    May 7 2013

    The Main Server will be down from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM PST May 8 for a patch. Patch notes will be posted after the patch.

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    May 9 2013

    The Main Server has been updated with a minor patch. The primary reason for this patch is to address two important issues: A problem causing the server to lock up and the reduction of client side memory use.

    This patch also addresses minor improvements most requests and issues brought up in our Feedback discussion.

    Please read the Patch Notes for full details.

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    May 13 2013

    The latest round of Questions for the Developers has been answered here.

    This week I am working on improving creatures and will be asking for your feedback very soon!

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    May 14 2013

    I am looking for feedback on the current state of creatures in game. Please join in the discussion here.

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    May 30 2013

    It's been a while since my last update as I've been very focused on revising the creature migration system and optimizing memory use for both the client and the server. The migration system needed an overhaul and in the end I rewrote the entire system. You should now encounter a lot more creatures spread out across the world and not concentrated in the northern areas.

    The Test Server is now open to the public and ready for your feedback on the upcoming creature improvements!

    Please join in the feedback discussion here.

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    June 4 2013

    The Test Server is open for a final round of testing the revised creature migration system and other improvements with creatures. The focus today is on stability testing and checking for any critical issues. If everything tests well I will patch the new migration system to the Main Server this week.

    Any critical issues found on the Test Server can be reported in the feedback discussion here

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