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    Xsyon Updates Archive

    Archived updates are stored here...

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    I've sent out a new patch and the patch and game servers are up.

    Here is a list of some changes:

    Sever stability issues fixed (hopefully! We'll keep testing.)

    Launcher fixed to correctly patch only required portions of the large data files.

    Crashes while logging / destroying stumps fixed.

    Logpiles appearing temporarily near other players fixed.

    Pressing enter should allow correct login.

    Key bindings should be effective right after setting them.

    Actions saved in the action bar should work correctly.

    Actions saved in the action bar should clear out with new characters after a wipe and when deleting a character.

    Deleted character names should be available.

    H key interrupts actions (I need to set this in the keybinds still).

    Escape / Jump / Combat mode interrupts actions.

    Combat movement speed (left, right, backwards) increased.

    Combat parry and dodge should respond immediately (it did before, but there was a glitch in some animations).

    Empty messages can no longer be sent in chat.

    'Naked character' after crashing should not happen.

    Missing scavenged item icons etc. fixed.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Patch Update April 9:

    Fixed server issues with timing out players and not allowing them to log back in.

    Fixed client stability issues while logging in.

    Actions while jumping prevented.

    Running out of energy interrupts actions.

    Bundles go to back bundle slot only.

    Blocked non-physical mesh objects from hand slots and from being dropped to the ground. This was a major source of bugs and crashes.

    Fixed problems with gathering resources and picking up bundles exceeding encumbrance limits.

    Adjusted selected object interaction distances.

    Interaction menu clears when selected object is removed or destroyed.

    Crafting ready 90%. Players can start to test grass crafting (grass crafters start with a few basic tools).

    I want to patch out some more changes tomorrow. It's late night in Siberia right now so most of the team is hitting the sack and I'll take a little break (I'm usually on Siberian time too!).

    I'd like to check server stability for a while today. If it all looks good I will give more players access tonight. I'll probably do so even if the server still has some issues.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 10:

    It's a hectic weekend so far!

    The server is a lot more stable than last week. It ran without problems for the past 24 hours. There are still a few potential server issues that we think we've fixed and are testing internally today. The server will be updated again tomorrow.

    I set a few more players to enter last night and a bunch more today. If your account is set to enter you should have received an email from me.

    Now that our major problems (server instability and client loading problems after many terraforming / land surfaces changes within one world zone) are fixed, we should have more time to focus on bug fixe and requested improvements.

    There will be a server update tomorrow and a client update by Monday.

    If you're just getting in to the game today, I welcome all feedback and criticism. Enjoy!

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 11:

    A quick update.

    Players trying to get in with old versions of the client were causing server problems while logging in. We're working on completely blocking this today.

    I need to finish up a few things I was working on last week and left hanging a bit as I see people are messing with crafts and a few things that aren't 100% ready yet.

    Players were talking about not being about to pick up logs. You can carry only 1 major resource in your 'bundle' slot at a time (1 big log, bundles of grass, bundles of twigs, etc.). You should be able to pick up logs if this slot is free.

    Also, I'd appreciate it if bug reports were sent through the support form (so I can get system specs) or directly to the support email ( so I'm not barraged with PMs here.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 13:

    A quick update.

    We have a new installer ready, but we will be testing this installer internally all day to make sure it's working correctly. (We'll be testing the full download from various machines and operating systems, so it will take a while).

    I've left the server running for those that want to mess around. We're testing many fixes for known issues on our second server. Things are looking good so far.

    I'm going to bury my head in the code today so we can get a new full patch out as soon as possible. Once that's out I will come here to read posts and answer questions.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 23:

    We're recovering from the loss of forum posts. This has not affected our player database in any way.

    The server and client were updated today. The focus has been on stabilizing the server and preventing bad incoming packets from causing the server to freeze up.

    A large portion of the bug list has been fixed and we've incorporated some player suggested changes.

    A full list of bug fixes and current improvements will be posted soon, thanks to Edaw who is working on this.

    Our focus this week will be:

    Continued combat and movement improvements.
    Changes to female armors.
    Turning on additional actions and skills.
    Continued bug fixing and tweaks based on player suggestions.

    I apologize for these unexpected delays. Things such as hackers messing with the game server and the forum problems tonight are a real headache to deal with and have certainly slowed us down a bit.

    We'll continue working as hard as possible and listening to your input!

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 24:

    A new wave of invites went out despite the problems with the forums. I look forward to all the feedback.

    I'm not sure why the patcher had issues for some players this evening as the patcher hasn't changed, but we'll work on this over the weekend.

    The server does look stable now. As usual, please report problems through our bugs form or to our email.


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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    just a note, the above email address can be accessed by submitting a bug report using the support form and selecting any of the game problem related topics.

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    Re:Xsyon Updates

    Update April 24:

    We're working again on the patcher and blocking bad traffic on the server. The same IP caused the server to freeze up, this time after many attempts of sending different packets of information.

    Thanks for your patience as we work out these problems.

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