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    Anyone gotten in game since the patch?

    I get stuck on titties (entities) and cant load in

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    I was in for a few minutes, now I'm stuck, too. Hopefully they'll get it figured out soon.

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    Yup, loading entities shuffle. love it.

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    Loaded. Runs smoothly.

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    yup, i'm in. was at loading for a while.

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    entities took a bit longer than normal for me. but getting at least 10fps more and occasionally bounces up to about 25fps more. Running great actually. =D

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    Just logged in about 20 minutes ago, entities was not too bad, but its past prime time at least for the most part, so maybe that is why. All I know is that my FPS is noticeably better. Much improved on that front.

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    anyone been on in zone 740 yet ?

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