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    Tribe of Canaan (2.0) (Heavy Role Play)

    The Refuge of Canaan, welcomes you!
    What is the Tribe of Canaan?

    On an Out of Character level, the Tribe of Canaan is a Heavy Role Playing tribe within the game Xsyon. Our primary goal and mission is to provide a community where storytelling, character development, role playing, and social interaction trumps all other aspects of gameplay. This does not mean that crafting and PvP will have no place within this Tribe. However, PvP and Crafting will be done in a manner that fits our plot, and will in fact, be a part of our role play.

    The Foundation of Canaan

    The tribe of Canaan was founded shortly after the fall of the world in 2012. With hopes to remain a civilized community, the only way survival was possible was the union of these people. This refuge had done everything for the betterment of the community as a whole. Each member was an equal, and under the protection of the tribe. The food gathered by hunters was shared evenly among the people, as were the crops. Everyone did there part, and played there role. Those who did not, were pursuaded to change peacefully... and when this was not possible, by force. The people who would not work in accord with the Tribal Laws were quickly excommunicated from Canaan and exiled to the wilderness. The mission of the Tribe was simple: Survive, and make a foundation for the Generations to come to build on. That humanity as we know it, may have one final chance to prevail.

    Interested In Joining?

    If you are interested in joining a drama-free, Heavy RP community, then perhaps the Tribe of Canaan is right for you! Here are a few things you should know:
    We are an adult only, Heavy RP Community. You have to be atleast 18 years of age to join. This is due to the mature themes that are permitted within the role play of this group. (Graphic Violence, Adult Situations, Sexual Themes, Drug or Alcohol Use)

    We are a tight knit group of MATURE gamers. We have a very strict no OOC-Drama Policy. As groups grow larger this becomes less avoidable, however, if something negative happens we expect the players involved to handle difficult situations with maturity. Read our Tribe Charter for further information regarding our No Drama Policy


    If you are interested in learing more about this tribe, you may visit our website! Be sure to read our Rules and Regulations!

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    Re:Tribe of Canaan (2.0) (Heavy Role Play)

    You left NoX already?

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    Re:Tribe of Canaan (2.0) (Heavy Role Play)

    Ivan Streptovsky wrote:
    You left NoX already?
    Yes, though not at all on bad terms. NoX is a great group, I just feel there was a misunderstanding on what I interpreted the Tribe Direction and Goals to be.

    I'm hoping with the Tribe of Canaan, the Heavy RP Community will be able to find a place to call their home.

    As far as NoX goes, they are a wonderful group and I wish them the best... there just not the right place for me to call home.

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    Re:Tribe of Canaan (2.0) (Heavy Role Play)

    Finally finished the official website template, Forums are up and running, and now I'm just organizing the pages to better suit the new template.

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