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Thread: death

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    The code and mechanics needs to be cleaned up.
    When you die, you turn into a ghost you have to wait for your for your deathbar to run out. Your character turns back to the correct colors and no longer appears to be a ghost. Next you get a pop up that when you click it to revive it then sends you back to your totem so you wait again for a loading screen.
    I am sure this was a lazy fix to pvp ghost fighting problem.

    The way death worked in beta before this change...

    You would die and return to your totem after the bar ran out OR you could stay in ghost form and respawn in the area you died.

    The dead person could exploit the system by following them as a ghost and respawning where they wanted.. The newly revived player could then fight an already damaged player. He would normaly die but could do this until the other guy died as well...Usually it was a nekkid guy doing this with a PO weapon. When he finally kills the guy that has beat him fairly 3 or 4 times.. the nekkid guy then got to loot something and log off)

    The option of ghost walking and reviving in the world should be reimplemented. Instead of eliminating it all that needed to be done was allow a ghost to move around for 30 45 seconds then it auto spawn you where ever you where able move to in that time frame. This way the person that didn't die can loot and run off and the ghost that was killed can run to an area and spawn in hidden safety to keep from being greifed.

    The old system allowed for a person to pretty much follow a potential victim indefinatly as a ghost waiting for the right time to respawn and start the attack again. The ghost was in control of when and where to respawn. This was very flawed and did need to be fixed.. scrapping the system wasn't the answer.

    You should be able to respawn out in the world.

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    Its not clear for me that what is your problem with the current system, and what is your suggestion.

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    Yeah I am a tad confused on this as well...

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    I edited it

    maybe that helps a little?

    I think there is too much wait after you die. I also think you should be able to spawn in the world around where you died OR at your totem.

    Tweaking the old system would have been much better then deleting half of it.
    Currently you walk around as a ghost for no reason at all.
    you press a button to respawn it does the old revive animation t.. then you get thrown into a loading screen.. after it shows you being alive agian you then load into your tribal zone. They cut and paste a fix for a borken old mechanic that was being exploited. They should fix it correctly. Either by reimplementing ghost reviving
    in the world or remove the revive animation when you die and make you automaticaly hit a loading page to return to your tribe.

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    Well there is also another exploit. Some people come from far lands to trade. Now they dont wanna travel back, and told me to kill them so they can teleport back to their totem. Thats an exploit.
    Maybe this would be better.
    Player A, and player B. Let say player A kills player B.
    Player B waits like 3 mins before he/she revives.
    Player B revives in the same area, and now alive. But player B waits additional 2 minutes before he/she can attack again. He can fight back, but not attack.
    If player B dies 5 times within 45 minutes, then he/she teleports back to the starting area or tribe area.

    Another thing, the ghost of a dead player should not leave the area of death, more than 20 meters radius.

    Another problem, when u kill someone in the river, u can not loot that player. Thats an exploit too. People will just run toward the river, river then acts like a safe zone.

    I think if you run out of stamina in the river, you should die and loose your items on you and some skills points, and be teleported back to the starting area.

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    if the respwan is 3 minutes the loot is avaialble for 3 minutes.. thats not going to work. I wouldn't mind returning to you tribe if there was a tombstone or corpse you could get back to to loot later or you just give up your items if you abandon them.
    I would think you should be able to respawn in the area within a certain distance. You all shoul dh ave killed the guy after the trade and looted everything..

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    I think the dead body should still be laying on the ground.

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    Death will have stat and/or skill loss eventually.

    They make you a ghost so you have to "watch while the players loot you" lol.

    Do you want a "you're a ghost so revive at totem"? Like MO? That would suck a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orious13 View Post
    Death will have stat and/or skill loss eventually.

    They make you a ghost so you have to "watch while the players loot you"
    its also probally set that way so your corpse doesn't go poof while some one is looting your body.

    death is fine the way it is.

    Bringing back the re spawn here option is going to be open for exploit and greifing.
    The Death to teleport is going to get fixed with stat loss on death.

    problem will be fixed.

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    Another thing to think about is that during this time you could get revived by a team mate- if they put something like this in.

    Neutral and good will only be able to knock out another good/neutral player unless they want penalities towards going evil, only an evil player will be able to actually kill/gank you if you are good/neutral and of course evil players can kill evil players. (this is how it was stated to work when the feature gets turned on/implemented)

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