Am I m issing smoething or does all camera views allow you to look outside behind or through walls?

I wish that reguardless of what view you were using if you went inside a tent or cave you wouldn't be able to pan outside of it with yuo chracter inside it.

It is pretty odd to be looking on top of your tents roof with you being inside it .. then panning down to see inside and you have to be so close all you see is the back of your head.

why not have items blocks camera views... walls should become static and even the land if your are panned out and you run over a hill often time your character will down in the hill and your view will still be infront of the can pan in and out and tilt the camera all over while moving.. you could pan in for that situation but sometimes its the angle of you running into a hole or over a hill that cuases it.. not just your camera zoom.