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    I have never enjoyed this game more and I really, really love it.

    There are problems but like I have said, I have never enjoyed a game more.. and this.. I want this to work.

    I hope more will be able to come back, or have an intervention like I did, because this game needs to work, I want it to work, because I love it.

    So give it another try if I had given up, hell, reroll if you have too. It's spring now, the snow is gone and the landscape is begging for new adventures, new alliances, and new players.

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    Is that Commander Keen in your avatar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FPrime View Post
    Is that Commander Keen in your avatar?
    It is definitely Commander Keen! Oh man, the memories =p

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    This game is the only one that has kept so much of my attention with what there is, granted there isn't much right now, but the potential is extreme. you can start out day one and participate in things the vets already are doing. sure there are skill points from leveling but its not like Im a level 1 noob and your a level 50 elite and we can't play together.

    personally since i joined i have gone from problems everyday not being able to do anything to progress. today the game is more playable than it was two weeks ago and im continually seeing improvements, i think 2 weeks from now we will forget most of the issues we saw at the start of prelude. and 6 months from now we will be playing a whole new game.

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    Yes, yes it is!

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