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Thread: The Celts!

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    Hey folks,

    This is a new Tribe on the Verge of setting up a home and claiming our stake in Xsyon!.. Yes you may know me From Hopi and No nothing is wrong. Its in good hands and will only grow stronger , This is a personal vision. Long and short of it , Its something i wish to carry on from where i left it. But enough of the drib drab . Here we are!

    In the Coming days i will release Information regarding our Long term mission , Our background/story, Our expectations and What you can expect to find here with The Celts.

    For now though.

    We are Neutral - Good aligned
    We strive to protect our homeland and never to repeat our struggles
    We offer protection from oppressors and those running rampant through out the lands!
    A place to rest,craft and build a home

    In the meantime register your interest. Just Because its a new Tribe ALL Applications will be reviewed , But does not mean everyone and anyone will be invited instantly. Only mature and dedicated people need apply

    Pictures/Website/Vent coming very shortly to a monitor near you! (towards the weekend)

    For now here is some Info On The Real Celts

    Watch the the remaining parts via that link


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    Small Update , We are aiming for a 50 - 50 Of US and EU Players , So space will be limited as we are aiming for a round the 30 member mark. So as you can imagine i have a lot of apps to work through so please bear with me.

    Many thanks in advance ,


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    Website Is a work in progress , Please head over to register there. Will be ready later on this evening

    Added after 4 Hours 35 minutes:

    We have now Set up Close to The Nomads of Xsyon , Please feel Free to visit us!

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    Today The Celts , Have settled in Xsyon. The locations is soon to announced and will shortly be accepting players to help construct and maintain our borders.

    We are a Neutral - good aligned Tribe
    We thrive to be on the front of technology
    We make sure we know where the four corners of the world are by exploring
    We vigorously Defend our lands against evil tribes
    We protect our resources and look after mother nature!
    We wont let history repeat itself, our struggles are history our goal is the future.
    Our goal is to soak in all Xsyon has to offer and have FUN while doing so.

    Your a freeman/woman in this tribe . Freedom is something our ancestor fought for.

    We Are open for recruitment, And are actively seeking players to fill in the role of Co ordinator . Which will involve the "officer" type position , from recruitment to resource management , If you feel you can help with this, then let me know.


    Founder of The Hopi
    Founder of The Celts

    "You tell your leader, I will not be ruled, Nor will any celt while i live"


    We have now Settled in the Zone of 863 Opposite the Nomads Of Xsyon And have already established new trade links with both Nomads and Audacian republic (Thanks Bryan for the Things!)

    So Now we need YOU! to use this tools given to us to help us build our camp in this wonderful environment we are situated at.

    So place come visit and say hello or if you fancy a punch up.

    We are currently stockpiling resources and making items and weapons for our clansmen, So please bring a tartan and some ale!

    Look forward to seeing you!


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    You are very welcome Ross glad to help out and good luck.

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    We now have a mumble server up and running , Please visit the site for address details

    Ftp server is buggering up so images are not online ,including the header!

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    We are now gathering and constructing at a steady pace!

    Come and join us and play the game the Way YOU want to. No strict rules or slave driving here. Log in and have fun , And do what ever you wish around camp (no naked dancing please!)

    Please register on our site and say hello, If you need any more info about us then PM me here our at our site , Or if your in zone 863 Whisper Rosso, Eric or Godmother.

    On a side note We are looking for two More Coordinators to help organize the tribe etc, And are looking for some more US And EU Players.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeddi View Post
    Sent you a PM
    Hello Jeddi, I Dont seem to have anything in my inbox , Feel Free to head on over to the site and sign up there if you wish


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeddi View Post
    Sent you a PM
    Ross, be careful of the above ^. He tried to infiltrate us and clean out our storage just 2 days ago.

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