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    What is the MMO FotM today?


    Decay, why is it not in yet?

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    +1. Decay please so crafting makes sense. And give us item status tooltips again so I know what I'm using.

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    Probably because they thought it was more important to remove lag and make the game playable first? Just a guess though.

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    I agree, time to introduce decay

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    this and comfort needs to be turned on. asap

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    According to there Status Update
    There number 1 priority right now is LAG. I think they have made some improvements, E.G. the snow causing huge lag.
    Give them some time to fix it, then i'm sure we will start seeing content

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    decay and comfort aren't content, this are basic features which will solve many problems within gamemechanics.
    With decay crafting will become more important and with comfort turned on, macroing will be more hard, because auf a fast exhaustion without food and water. Gameplay would be more varied.
    I agree to first fix technical issues, but corefestures need to be in asap.

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    I would like to see decay in asap as well.

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