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    Cities of Tribes in Xsyon so far...

    Cities of Tribes in Xsyon so far...

    So guys I am making cross post from our Pandemic forums for your eyes to enjoy and laugh and admire cities of tribes in xsyon...

    So far my personal impression is that tribes that are pvp focused have the greatest cities built with thought and dedication and tribes such as hopi who have over 100 members and are more crafting focused have not put much effort what so ever same applies to dhv which was abit unexpeted ^^...

    However this all still is early stages and perhaps they all will pull their stuff together and make things look good.. Please feel free to leave ur comments and if you seen other bigger tribes cities take screens and add them hier ;-)

    Well i think this is great thread to open if you got pics of other tribes cities post them here!

    Since I cant put 52 pics in one post I will be splitting it as replies from our members ^^

    So here we go enjoy!

    Pandemic Tribe -

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    we're trying to keep the place as natural as possible.

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    The Audacian Republic

    Dark Hand of Valour

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    Nomands Of Xsyon

    Sons of liberty

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    Great job, guys. My personal favourite is The Audacian Republic, but all looks nice.

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    mines still in progress. will post SS's in a few weeks when im done :-)

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