This is for those interested in co-operative gameplay in a small 'Neutral-Good' Tribe that will not wish to grow (in our current spot) beyond a maximum of 7.

Our current Tribe members are Saja, Qistnix, Faren & Flux.

We are 4 as I write this, and have a nice spot (our home) in Xsyon. There are no 'recruitment' requirements (new players welcome) and here is 'the deal':
- we do not gank/grief.
- we do almost everything else.
- we do chop grass, and lots of it. Some of it strangely disappears...
- we do not sue those who make grass disappear. You may be punished by pain of Fishing.
- we will tell your teacher mother hubby or even the AI you are trying to build that being in the Grasschoppers is essential to what little mental health you have left.
- we will alternatively tell all those mentioned above, and probably anyone else you or we (!) can think of, that you were never with us, we did not see you, it is all a lie. Now back to the junkpile you go! We need some Metal Decorations; chop chop!
- other than being silly we are International, in other words we type/speak English but do not have restrictions on who joins. Diversity, dagnabbit.
- we are expecting you to accept that for now, the Architectural plan, or layout, for our Tribal Area has mostly been set. Being a small tribe, we can set you up with all the tools you need, and gladly help you with anything you need help with, but we probably cannot really 'allow' you to start building walls and tents and Terraforming. The three Grasschopper Founders have a plan and we want to try it, before we try something else again.
- whenever we finish a plan, we are probably already entertaining three new ones, but you are are welcome to convince us yours is better. Of course it is .

Please take your time to write a motivated reaction to this invitation post, because that is what we will select on, probably.
NOTE if you are unable to /reply here, send me (Preludicious) a PM please. Virtus is changing some things with Tribe Advertisement as a result of bumps etc. The PS is still valid. I will try to check in at least twice a week.

Good luck in the World of Xsyon,
Lucas aka Flux

PS When we have grown to our max of about 7, I will put a REPLY here or an EDIT to this post so you do not waste valuable time trying to get in a 'full' Tribe.

* I say, there is no
* darkness but ignorance.
* Twelfth-night; or, What You Will (WS)