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    Chapter 1 - The wake up.

    Hi now that we are around that hot fire. I can tell you my story.

    I woke up in the middle of the day. It was sunny and the air was fresh. I looked around me and i saw a vast land that i never seen before. My husband and my kid were missing. After few hours, the sun hit me hard and i didn't found any living souls... So, i begin to gather up the gear around me. I found a shovel, a pike axe and some tools more tools. I was thinking that all this stuff maybe usefull but to do what?

    That was the question, what to do after that schocking event. But what event? my head was confusing and i still don't know where i am. At that moment, i began to get hungry and thirsty. I was on a shore, so naively, i tried the water of the shore. Mhhh... Tasty and no salt, i was thinking that i was on a lake shore and i wasn't wrong. I will pass that moment, it was difficult to find food in herbs and i tried lot of "fruits"; with more and less success.

    After a tough night, i began to build the foundation of my home. So i take my shovel and digged trenchees. I've remembered those european castle. Water round place can protect myself from the wild. while I was digging, I had an idea. The dirt that I recovered, I could build a wall! That's what i did.

    Chapter 2 - I'm the queen !

    After few days, i began to see the result of my work.

    This was only the begining! That was more than right. Working on this project helped me to not think about my loneliness. Yes i was. A woman, alone against the wild and i have so much to do. What about the others? What happen to them? I tried to not think about all of this, settle down were my priority because of the lake. That is a good and a bad thing. I learned that animals and theres predators gather around water and this lake is huge!

    After few days, i finished the trenchees i flooded it and it was done. I builded a safe place with my own hands!

    I wasn't alone! After a week or two somebody found me, he was alone and a bit lost. When i saw him from my walls, i was so relieved! Another human being! I think that i was as surprise as him but not for the same reason. I was because of him and he was because of my builds. After some chit-chat, he decided to stay with me and he explained that we weren't alone but lot of people founded tribes around the lake. Since this day, everything gone smouthly. Rotan and jack found me and they decide to join me too. They explained me that they were on a huge junk pile with lot of tools and more. I was surpised, there is a pile of... junk? next to us but i didn't consider the possibility of a huge one of a clik square!

    But we needed shelters and more than one. From one, me, we were four now!

    The time passed and I begin to feel like a queen who has to protect his people. Maintaining the group together. I liked this feeling.

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    you don't remember me my in game name is laurantalas i have stolen your shovel

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