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    The Acolytes of Anarchy have arrived!

    After the devastating destruction upon our world , it destroyed the planet as we know it and also destroyed the tribe to a point, but a few of us remain … we have “survived” the apocalypse so to speak in very fragile times. “Dazed” has gathered his few remaining guys with him and we seek to build a new home, a new world around the famous Lake Tahoe.

    Although our numbers are few, we remain strong and will battle through everything that comes against us whilst not causing disruption to the surrounding fellow strugglers. We understand that at times like this in a lawless and hostile society that people may need refuge, somewhere to grow again, regain their feet so to speak.

    Because of this we are offering a home, a simple salvation from this terrible tragedy. And that is what we offer to you. A simple life, a free life to learn the ways of this world once more and build your skillsets as well as your knowledge of how this world will play.

    So I call upon you brothers and sisters. Come join us, we will build and if needs be defend us and our neighbours frivolously … join the brotherhood … join the future!!

    We have a voip server unlimited slots, IRC chat and are building from a few members, please take a look and join in the fun as we embark on this journey through this fine game !

    Click apply and let’s do the rest and make a new world!!!

    Just to add .. our IRC channel can be found HERE ... so feel free to join and chat

    Added after 15 Hours 54 minutes:

    just to add we are primarily EU based so our busiest playtimes are EU times although I have been known to stay up on the odd 24 hr stint here and there ..

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    Just joined the clan in zone 887. great neighbours and great people in the camp. if anyone is new and is looking for a nice place to start, and nice people to play with, we would love to welcome you in.

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    I've just joined Acolytes of Anarchy. Very mature people. Our neighbours are some very nice persons.

    It's zone 817 btw. ^.^

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    I joined on the day i started playing, then went on a bit of an adventure around the lake to see what else was out there. I am now in the process of re-joining this awesome clan. Sign up, they are really helpful and nice.

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