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    Full Loot Fans PLEASE READ

    Age of Conan was once to be a great PvP game.

    They are now casting a poll to launch a true Full Loot PvP server.

    The problem is all the PvPrs Left that game and its meager population is a few carebears that game has catered too lately.

    Please go to these forums and cast a vote for FULL LOOT PVP.

    THIS is a broadcast to all PvP MMO Fans.

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    Not trying to burst your bubble...but full loot pvp won't do shit to that game.

    Ill gladly vote because you are asking for it, and I did have super high hopes for that game, but many other pvp aspects need addressed for that MMO.

    They shouldnt have lied to their playerbase around release time. That was one of the dirties things ive seen happen in an MMO thus far. People grinding hardcore to lvl 80 in 3 days then the devs saying "oh the content we promised? Yeah...we didnt put it in, you are GREATLY ahead of schedule...sorry! Hang tight with us though and we'll get to it eventually..."

    /logout and /unsubscribe

    Edit: You've already basically lost according to the poll. Sorry bro!

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    There is nothing that could ever save that game in my mind. It had everything going for it at launch.

    3 hour que times
    Rubber banding and lag out the yin yang
    A melee combat system that made casters so OP it was retarded
    Only 25% of the content promised.
    Oh don't forget the gem dupe exploit that wasn't fixed for 5 weeks.
    The fortress building that was pointless without seiging in place.
    No guild protection in PvP. So have the times you died to FF.
    After the first month the place was a ghost town except for Kashetta where all the gankers would lie in wait.
    Instanced zones... wtf

    As I write this I'm seeing some glaring similarities.....

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